Big news for 2013

Hello and Happy New Year! We are finally back into the swing of things in our house. Our Christmas was great, and Santa I mean grandparents spoiled the boys rotten.
 We made a quick trip to Louisiana to visit my family after Christmas. I don't get to see my family often and none of them had met Archer. It was a great visit minus 8 hour stretches in the car. Archer apparently hates the car now.
Even as loyal Georgia fans, we had to go see mike the tiger.
As you can see from the photo we have a bit of a toy storage problem. We have been cleaning out the old clothes and toys to make room for the new things we got for Christmas.

We are also cleaning for another reason.... we have decided to put our house for sale. Yes, we are crazy and this decision pretty much came out of the blue. We had no intention of selling our home because we love our house but we feel that there is no time like the present! The market in our area doesn't have many nice houses in the same price range, so hopefully ours will go reasonably fast. We also wanted to take advantage of low rates while they last and get into a house with a great school district.

To answer all of the questions that I'm sure are swimming through your heads...
Why? We would like to move to a little more rural area, a bit closer to my parents.
Didn't you JUST move there? - Yes, a year ago in October
But you just did ALL that work! - Yep, our renovation was a huge pain, but I'm sure our next house (if we are able to sell) will be a work in progress as well.
Why would you choose to move with two young kids? - Well obviously we are gluttons for punishment! =)


 So that is our big news for 2013. No, I am definitely not pregnant! ;)


  1. We just started our house search in the Woodstock/Canton area! Saw 6 houses yesterday but nothing we fell in love with. Hopefully more homes will come on the market since it's the beginning of the year. Good luck!

  2. this is exciting!!! sending good vibes that it sells quickly!!

  3. We live in Cumming and love it! We actually moved here in part because of Forsyth county school system! Good Luck!

  4. As gorgeous as your house is, I sincerely hope it goes fast!

  5. Wow... that IS big news! Your home is beautiful, so I am sure it will sell quickly with all the special touches you guys put into it.. and I'm sure you would love to have lots of space for those two active boys and be closer to your folks! Wish you lots of luck!

  6. Good Luck with your mom and hope the house sells fast!!!

  7. keating's face with that sparkling cider cracks me up!!!!


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