Scenes from the weekend

This weekend just flew by, the weather was perfect and I feel like I finally caught up on a few things around the house... you know, except laundry. I got the privledge to spend a lot of time with this little guy. Friday night, Keating was invited for a sleepover at my parent's house and Brad was working all night. (Did I mention that he works nights? Its not fun) It was nice to get some one on one time with Archer, since I am usually trying to juggle between the two of them on nights when I am at it solo. Keating also enjoyed undivided attention at his grandparent's house, he came home with a nice new train set... yay more toys. He was only gone for a night, but I really missed him! Though I have to admit, it was nice to sleep past 6:30am since he is quite the early riser. Shonnie and G on the otherhand got to wake up before the sun on Saturday morning.

Archer took full advantage of Keating's toys while he was away. I caught him playing with the big tractor behind him. He wants so badly to be a big kid, I wish he would just slow down. He's already sitting in the high chair and eating stage 2 baby food!
Over the past month I have started taking on a few photo projects here and there. I have a little down time after the kids go to bed, so I have been using it to edit photos. I had a shoot scheduled for Saturday, and the weather could not have been more perfect. I met my mom afterwards to get Keating from her and to enjoy a margarita on the patio at Pure. Keating had his first grape Fanta, which he successfully spilled on the floor and the table next to us. Oh the joys of toddlers.
 I have had a lot of projects swimming through my head for the house lately, I am not sure what it is about the change in seasons that gets me nesting? In the photo on the left, I added the top frame to cover a hole in the wall. Yes, we still have random things that need to be done from our home renovation. This was the spot where the old doorbell box thingy was. When installing our new door, the doorbell was completely forgotten. Oops! I don't mind it, because it is one less button for Keating to push and we all know how toddlers love buttons... but we have had the hole just hanging out. Since I know nothing about patching sheetrock, my easy fix was to cover it up. =)

On the right, are the new pillows I made for our couch. I had a light yellow velvet duvet that doesn't fit any of our beds and I nearly threw it away. I started thinking that the velvet would make great pillows. I experimented with a little RIT dye and after two attempts, this is what came of them. I was hoping for them to be a burnt orange, but they are much better than the Tennessee Volunteer orange that they were at first. I also tried a red batch, but it was a disaster. If there is such thing as hot pink-red, that is the color they turned out.

We also have a few fall accents out. The deer antlers must still smell on a dog's level because Ike keeps trying to steal them and eat them.
Sunday, my sister and I introduced my parents to Scott's antique market. Most people go for the fancy antiques, but our favorite part is the "garden center" or salvage yard. There are some great things in there! If you have never been, I highly recommend it. They also have GREAT food!
That was the extent of excitement for our weekend. This week we have fun things on tap like our 4 year anniversary and a trip to the pumpkin patch! How was everyone else's weekend?


  1. I have been a long time blog stalker (since I became pregnant 10 months ago and now have a baby of my own) and just wanted to say your family is beautiful and I have enjoyed reading your blog!

  2. those pillows are awesome, and i love your tiny pumpkins!

    as for archer, my little sis was the same way...she was hitting milestones way early, my mom says she was trying to keep up with me. she even started walking before she hit 9 months!

  3. Isn't it great when you get to spend one on one time with your kids? And isn't it funny how much you really truly miss them when they are gone for more than a few hours?? Oh how I remember those days! They are both getting so big. Slow down, boys!! They are both just beautiful, Candace. I am so happy for you.

  4. Thanks Anonymous and Mrs Laura. Hayley, if he walks at nine months we are in trouble!!!


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