Happy 6 Months Archer!

 Happy 6 Months to my little man Archer! Archer you are such a happy baby, and you truly light up our lives. I don't remember what our home was like without you in it.
You are growing so fast, and I only wish time would stop in its tracks so that I can enjoy you at this moment. You are now sitting up on your own, eating real baby food, and you squeal and jibber jabber constantly. You are a big boy and wearing the same clothes Keating wore at 12 months. He better watch out because you are going to catch up to him!
You love being a part of everything, and you are getting to the point where you want to be involved with anything we are doing. If we aren't holding you so that you can see, you get really mad. You love watching your brother, you think Keating is hilarious and it is great watching the bond that the two of you already share. You are going to be the best of friends. Even though you are still a bit young to play, you enjoy sitting to watch Keating play with his trains. Sometimes he even shares them with you. Sometimes... we will keep working on sharing.



You love going for walks, watching Sesame Street, your toes, playing with the dogs, kisses on your cheeks, your duck lovie, and snuggling it in your bed.
You hate anything that confines you like your bouncy seat or bumbo. You want to be big.You're not a fan of apple sauce, but you have loved every other food you have tried. You don't like being put down... you always want to be held.
The last six months have truly flown by. Some days have been crazy having two little boys... but every day is a complete blessing. You and your brother make our lives full and rewarding. As much as I want to keep you small forever, I can't wait to see the little boy that you become.

Happy 6 month birthday Charles Archer!


  1. How adorable! He looks just like you ! I think your older son looks just like your hubby!


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