The Right Place at the Right Time

Have you ever been somewhere at the perfect time, and you just know you were meant to be there? Yesterday we were running a bit behind on our way to church. Between feeding and clothing kids, corraling dogs and managing to get ourselves dressed... it just happens, I know everyone can relate. We had been invited to the church across the street from our neighborhood by a friend, and thought we would go there since we knew we could make it on time.

The message was great and it really hit home to some things that are going on in our family right now. The preacher explained that often times, we hit plateaus in our lives, and everything seems to be at a standstill. When this happens, God comes in and stirs it up a bit to encourage us to move on, to grow, and to follow his will for our lives. He then gave this illustration. When a mother eagle builds its nest, it begins laying hard sharp items to compose the base of the nest. She then adds "feathering" so that it is soft for baby eagles. When it is time for the eagles to begin learning to fly, the mother eagle will start removing the feathering to make things uncomfortable, thus encouraging the eagles to take off and fly. He explained that God will do this in our lives. When we are stagnant and not moving forward, God will put things in our lives to get us going again and push us out of the nest. It could be related to your job, family, friends, home... whatever you are struggling with.

With that being said, the Carroll household is currently undergoing some big/ exciting changes. As of today, Brad is no longer employed at his family's bottled water business. We are taking a leap of faith and have decided to start our own water company. This came after many months of deliberating and planning and it is finally official!

Over the past few months, certain things have been aligning to make this change. Brad has been having a tugging at his heart that he wasn't where he was supposed to be career-wise. He has had the desire to start a company of his own for as long as I can remember, it just never seemed like the right time. He is an extremely hard worker, so he wants something to really benefit our family and something to eventually leave behind for our boys. One day in late spring, he was talking to my dad about an idea he had, and they both decided to make a go of it. As things laid out, I was offered a new job making better money when I returned from maternity leave. At the time we didn't put this huge step into the equation, but this is making it possible for us to walk out on this scary uncertain ledge. Brad had also been volunteering his free time to be a reserve sherrif's deputy, which turns out they offered him a full-time position while he is growing our company. God is just awesome at how he provides for us, even when we aren't aware that we need any provision!

This weekend I thought Brad would be thrilled with this big milestone, we even toasted with champagne, but instead I could tell that he was bothered. I think it all became very real, and the fear of not being able to provide for our family really sunk in. We are cutting back on a lot of things, 99% of which are superficial like cable and new clothes that I dont need. But I think it is the fear of the unknown that was getting to him. So when we walked into church on sunday and heard this message... it was as if the preacher was talking directly to us. Right place at the right time.

Have you ever had a time where you knew you were exactly where you were meant to be? I love hearing these stories so please share! Please keep our family in your prayers in the coming months. As Brad is working day and night (literally), that means more time where I will be mothering by myself and less family time. I know I will struggle with this. If anyone is interested in water filtration for their home or office... you know who to contact! =) I will share the link to our website as soon as its complete.


  1. congrats to yall for following your dreams!!! we will be praying for you and hoping everything goes well...that takes a lot of faith and that should be commended, too lady! GOOD LUCK

  2. Yay! Good for youguys! I can totally relate to the "timing of god" .......Alberto lost his 11 yr district manager job at the same time i got a huge promotion at my job to move from NJ to GA. He was also blessed with a huge severance package making it possible for us to relocate fairly easily and now he's at home trying to start his own business while Im the one working full time.......these 2 events happened right at the same time and had it not been for his severance I wouldnt have been able to accept my new position and relocate....GOD TIMING is AMAZING....and your new business venture will be very successful .....as all God's plans are :)

  3. Wow, I feel like I am in the right time at the right place to be able to read this post today. It is exactly what I needed to hear right at this exact moment!!
    Congratulations on your plans, I just know that they are going to work out great for you :)

  4. I'm proud of y'all! This isn't nearly as life-changing, but it was definitely orchestrated by God.
    This past spring, I took a drive up to the GA-SC border to meet someone from the interwebz (where you and I first met, too!). I passed an independent pharmacy, and on a whim, walked into the store and asked if they ever hired pharmacy students for the summer. The owner, who I later learned is probably there a total of 30 minutes a week, was there that day, and nearly hired me on the spot. It turned out to be a great way to make some money and was a huge learning experience. Had God not given me the strength to waltz in there, who knows if I even would have found a job for our required {500, gah} hours.

    Similarly, nearly every time I go to church after a few week sabbatical, I always know that it was no accident that I heard the particular message being preached that day. =)

  5. After our 2 dogs, our Son & I were diagnosed with Cancer in Ocilla, GA, we found Toxic Levels of Arsenic in our water... Just this week we discovered Toxic Levels of Uranium in a small town South of us. Where is your water filter business? I loved this message today!! Thank You! Facebook: Janet McMahan, Ocilla, GA


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