A fair is a veritable smorgasbord orgasbord

This week marks the start of my most favorite time of year... and it begins with the state fair! It is probably not right how much I LOVE the fair. I'm not sure if its the food and incredible
people watching or the fact that it is the official beginning of fall for us here. Either way it is a glorious time.
Last year our family was all crowded on a bench eating BBQ and another young couple was sitting on the end. We were going back and forth debating with Keating about eating his dinner, as you often do with a toddler. I couldn't believe it when I saw the boy on the end of the bench drop down on one knee and propose to his girlfriend! There was no ferris wheel at the fair last year, so I guess on a bench next to some strangers was the next best place? I'm sure they still talk about the kid that wouldn't eat his french fries while they were getting engaged. See you just never know what you're going to witness at the fair!
Keating will be at a fun age this year where he can actually ride a few rides and take in the sights. Seeing everything through a child's eyes is much more enjoyable.
This Saturday is also the first day of Autumn! I've been counting down to this day all summer long. Sweater weather, apple cider, pumpkins and changing leaves... is there anything better?
This was a fairly pointless post, I just wanted to let y'all share in my excitement! Thanks to everyone for their encouraging words yesterday! They mean a lot as we take this huge step!!


  1. Yay ! Im so excited for fall too and its our first fall in Atlanta so Im anxious to see how the change of seasons is here compared to NJ. We are really excited to go to the state fair here too :)

    1. If you're from new jersey then the state fair will be an eye opening experience for you!!! Talk about people watching!!

  2. hahaha Im anxious to see ....Im definitely a people watcher....but the state fair in NJ you will mostly see teenage "Situation" wannabes! {talk about some funny people watching!}...but Im definitely excited about chowing down on some good southern food !

  3. Today Janie was watching Charlotte's Web and I finally got the title of this post ;) Have fun at the fair!

  4. Love to hear that state fairs are becoming famous day by day as this fair has been conducting by our state also....I really used to having a lot of fun there and coincidentally I also take Bar BQ food there...awesome post really!!!


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