Yesterday was one of those days

I'm warning you, this post may make little to no sense... I am working on 3 hours sleep and only one cup of coffee. I need toothpicks for my eyes.

Keating and I had a day planned together yesterday. I'd like to say that it was special because I enjoyed spending that much time alone with him, but I don't like how we had to spend it together.

We started our day voting. He thought voting was awesome, he got to go to the big kids school and he got a sticker. How much cooler could it get to a 2 year old?

A few of you noticed on twitter that I mentioned we were at the surgeon's office... Everything is fine. Keating was born with a herniated belly button, and we were getting a second opinion about it. It is really common in little kids, so we had been watching it with no concerns. About the time that he began potty training, he started complaining about his belly button hurting. If a kid with a normal belly button said that, I wouldn't think much of it. With the hernia we wanted to take all precautions and have everything checked out. He was a little uneasy about seeing a doctor other than his regular pediatrician, but he quickly adjusted when seeing the turtle tank when we walked in the door. Thankfully the turtle tank entertained him for 30 minutes of the 2 HOURS we waited.
Everything with his belly button checked out fine. The surgeon wants us to keep monitoring it, and if it isnt gone in 2 years to come back. I like that prognosis because I really didn't want my baby having surgery.
After his appointment I dropped him back at home so that I could finish up my day at work. I was at work for less than 30 minutes when my mom called. She said that Keating had a fever, had been throwing up and saying his throat was hurting. It was 3:15 so I knew I needed to get him in the Dr. before they closed. Before Archer, I would have let him try to fight it off, but I didn't want Archer to come down with whatever it was. So off to the Dr. we went. This was the face of the "sick boy" when we got there. Looks rough huh? Naturally it is just a virus that will last for weeks on end and our entire family will probably catch it. Awesome.
He was fine up until he went to bed, when he woke up throwing up again over the congestion in his head. So he and I spent more time together, watching the Olympics until midnight on the couch. On a normal evening, midnight is REALLY late for me, last night it was just the beginning.
Poor guy will get through it, I just hope this little one doesn't catch it. It is so frustrating, you can hardly do ANYTHING to make a kid feel better. You cant give them any medicine that actually works because you might overdose them. So instead they just cry and moan all night. Ridiculous.
So, that was our Tuesday! Really happy that the women's (I think its silly it is called womens, when all of them are little girls) gymnastics won GOLD though!


  1. when our kids are sick we are sick too!! stinks!! 2 of my boys had hernia repairs...not nearly as bad as it sounds...eating pizza at the swimming pool the same day!! the older one lost a season of football and that was not good....
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  2. Oh no! I can't imagine feeling more helpless than with sick kiddos. Here's hoping everyone in your house gets some sleep tonight!


  3. Omg, Flynn had the same thing on Saturday. Fever, throat hurting, and throwing up all night.... I feel ur pain! He was over it in 24 hours though, hope keating feels better!

  4. Cute blog! Your baby is so adorable :)


  5. Hope that he is better today & that you get some much needed rest tonight.

  6. I really hope it is just a 24 hour bug and that he is over it soon, before the rest of you get it.... No fun being a sick mom, 'cause there's just no TIME for a mom to be sick!! Love the pictures.. Archer is such a cutie, just like big brother!

  7. There's nothing worse than a toddler throwing up everywhere!!! I hope he feels better soon and YOU get some rest.

  8. C has an umbilical hernia too but we are watching it until he's four. Our little buddy just had surgery for his and was up and around two days later as if nothing happened so that at least calms my fears if we have to do surgery one day. His mom said it was a really easy surgery with disolvable stitches and minimal restrictions afterward. Hope K feels better soon!!


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