Reunited and it feels so good.

This weekend was my 10 year class reunion. Seriously, where did time go? I know some people are very anti reunion for some reason... but we had a blast. I know in the world of Facebook it is a lot easier to keep track of what all of your old friends are doing, but it was wonderful to see so many people and catch up. It really seems like we were just graduating from high school yesterday.
We now have two sick kids in our house, despite the smiling face from this little guy. I have never had a sick infant, it is quite miserable. I hope we are on the end stretch of this nasty illness. Both boy stayed with my parents on Saturday night and kept them up all night long. My parents are saints. I owe them big time!
Since we were home bound most of the weekend, we tried out our hand at crayon art. It is no masterpiece, but Keating and I had a fun time melting crayons. It made a nice colorful addition to his bedroom.
By the time sunday rolled around, he was tired of being cooped up in the house. We went for a nice stroll and took him to see his uncle's tractors. He is such a boy, the kid LOVES anything with an engine.
That is about all for the weekend. This week I'm hoping for more sleep filled nights and no more sick babies! Here's to hoping.

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