Archer Months 1&2

I have been bad about getting these photos on the computer and up on the blog. Here are Charles Archer's first two month photos. Its amazing to see the changes that happen in a month!Poor Lola has started to get the middle child syndrome. She has been feeling more like a dog and less like the queen of the world. I thought it would be nice to continue the tradition of having her monthly picture taken with the boys. Makes her feel quite special!

Archer is now 12 pounds and in the 50% for height and weight. I cant remember how long he is off of the top of my head. We brought him in for his 2 month appointment (In June... Like I said, Ive been meaning to post this for awhile.) Archer has been developing a flat spot on the back right side of his head. Apparently this happens a lot in swaddled babies, but I started noticing that he favored looking one way more than the other. I spoke with the Dr about it, and they gave us some exercises to try and strengthen his neck muscles on that side. He said if these don't work then at 4 months we will re-evaluate and may consider physical therapy.

Thankfully I have already begun to see improvement in the shape of his head and more use of head movement. He has even been sleeping on the left side of his head now. Hopefully these simple exercises do the trick and we don't have to do anything further.

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  1. he is SO CUTE i almost can't stand it!! glad his neck muscles are bulking up =)


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