Photo dump

I have started weight watchers to help with the last ten baby weight pounds. I thought I always did a good job of eating small portion sizes... Umm apparently not!! Thank goodness all fruits and veggies are free! Do y'all have any good weight watcher tips??
Am I the only one addicted to instagram? Why couldn't I have invented that app?? I use mine more to edit photos and not for an additional social network. I just can't take an additional form of networking.

Archer is the happiest baby! He was a little fussy last week when I went back to work. I like to think its because he missed me! Thankfully my saint of a mom watches the boys for me. It made the transition much easier!
Last weekend the weather was unseasonably cool and we enjoyed an outdoor concert with friends and family. Isn't that what summer is all about?!
Does anyone else's kid insist on bringing bogus things to bed with them? Every night Keating will round up his collection of items necessary to sleep... And every night I go in after he falls asleep to remove them. Such a funny kid!
I guess part of living in a house with all boys is that there are trucks and tractors wherever I turn... My bathroom has been tractor parking recently. I know I will eventually trip over one of these and break something... Mark my words!
I am really excited about fathers day this year! I got brad what I think is an awesome present! I feel like I usually drop the ball on his gifts, I wanted to let him know how much we love and appreciate him. Brad is pretty easy to buy for, my own dad on the other hand is impossible. Last year we got him an ancestry.com subscription. It was THE BEST GIFT! He became infactuated with researching our family history! He even found out that our family on his mothers side came from this gorgeous plantation outside of Nashville. Who would have thought?! So if you have a hard to buy for dad, I highly recommend it!
It is time for a change with my hair. I've been unhappy with the way it has looked for a while and I think the color is so blah. Next week I'm going to have it cut and colored. Jenn is my inspiration. I hope I don't regret it! I think nice hair is a good birthday gift for myself!


  1. I'm weight watching too :) But I don't have any tips, I'm only at week two!

  2. He came from Rippavilla? How neat!

  3. Your boys are so cute! My mom watches my daughter for me and it's just the best!

  4. I just started weight watchers too! I'm trying to do it with low carbs as this baby weight has been a big pain to get off!

    Your son's bed looks just like mine! I have NO idea how he can sleep with all that stuff and not get poked all night :)

  5. I joined weight watchers in 2009 and lost over 50lbs with the program.

    I'm currently expecting but when I get the okay to rejoin I will be back on the plan.

    I love WW and am a very firm believer in the system. Make sure you're eating all of your daily fruit/veggies and your water...also, I still ate quite a bit of fast food (chickfila southwest salad is low points, watch the dressing).

    I lived on homemade breakfast tacos (egg whites, potatoes, etc..) that were low points. Also, chicken recipes are lower than beef...

    Use the points tracker and tools they give you online. Makes it so much easier to track everything.

    Good luck :)

  6. Haha, I just took a picture last week of the doorway to our master bathroom...it was literally lined up with tractors and trucks! I step on them ALL THE TIME.

    Do you ever go on Skinnytaste.com? She has great recipes & they have the WW points already calculated!

  7. lady you look GORGEOUS!!!

    and now i want peaches.


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