Green Curtains

After sitting at home and spending a lot of time feeding Archer, my curtains have started to really bother me. Every day I sat staring at them, I disliked them more and more. They are rather dull. (plain white) I think white drapes are great, but they just dont do anything for this room. Our living room tends to stay a little dark and something is needed to brighten it up!

When we first moved in, I had visions of putting up green drapes on the two big windows. I told Brad and he said "green??" In that tone that only a husband can do... (you know the one!) I decided to play it safe and go neutral with white drapes until I decided how I wanted things to look. Well, my green dreams have not gone away. My favorite Southern lady knew the power of green drapes and I think they are just what we need in the living room. Here are a few of my inspiration photos. I was a little worried about trying to match with the green, but I think I am going to use it more as a neutral like the photo below. I love how its not too matchy, it gives way more personality.
I also like the green drapes with the blue pillows. I like to switch out my pillows by season, so this would be a good option.
I think the green curtains and the gray couches compliment each other well. Lucky for me we already have the gray couches!
Sadly, the green imperial trellis fabric below is not in my budget... but I have a game plan. Can't wait to share it soon!


  1. I love that fabric in the last photo! Can't wait to see your final choice!

  2. All I can say is YES! Yes to Miss Scarlett, and yes to gorgeous green drapes!

  3. Did you find the curtains pre made? Please email me info. joy.burns@me.com


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