A random photo hodge podge

I am blogging from my iphone because we still don't have our cable line run to our basement yet for the computer. Therefore I can only add a lot of photos in no particular order. Here is what we have been up too...

-Keating has been dying for a fishing pole. Brad took him to Walmart to pick one out, he insisted on orange. Fishing wasn't as fun as he imagined it to be and he quickly lost interest. He preferred to dig in the tackle box and found the one item (an old cd player remote) inside that he could pretend was a cell phone. It was like we flashed forward to his teenage years.
- Our fire department went out testing the hydrants the other day. In the process they screwed up the water pressure which broke people's water lines in the neighborhood. We were one of the lucky ones hit. thankfully my dad does underground utilities and we had it replaced the same day. Keating thinks my dads equipment is his own personal playground.
-I read Fifty Shades of Grey. Two words...messed.up. I will not read the other two. I'm still unsure of why it is so popular.
-Keating loves being a big brother and helping with things for Archer. He likes taking part in tummy time with him as well. Funny, since he used to scream during his own tummy time.
-I'm thinking of changing the name of my blog soon. I've been debating it for a few years now and I finally have a great name in mind. I just don't think that Mrs. Southern Belle really describes where I am in life anymore. A lot has changed since 2008 when I originally picked it as a newly wed.
-I am going back to work on June 1. As much as I love my job, I'm dreading this. I love being home with my boys more.
-we are doing the moms on call method with Archer to get him sleeping well through the night. He is doing great with the schedule. He goes down around 9:30 and wakes up once around 2am to eat and then on a good day will sleep from about 3am until 7:30 am. Of course it doesn't always go that smoothly but we are working towards that. He really is a good baby.
-my mom has been coming over during the day and helping with the boys. I would be insane without her. Next week she will be out of town and I'm sure I may go nuts or gain a few gray hairs.
-After trying on about sixty pairs of white skinny jeans, I finally found the perfect pair!

And that about sums up the past week or two. Sorry for the lack of posting. I hope to be more regular now that I have gotten into a better daily routine.


  1. Could Keating BE more of a boys boy!!?? I love how much he loves the outdoors and all of Gpa's 'toys'! He is adorable and I am so glad he likes being a big brother. It's wonderful to hear how well baby Archer is doing. Such a good baby! Hope to see them both sometime!

  2. I know how busy you are but glad to hear everyone is settling in.

    I too have been debating a name change for a long time now but have yet to change because I didn't want to change my URL. :(

    I hope your return to work goes smoothly! Wishing you all the best.


  3. I've been a follower for awhile, but I don't think I've ever commented...anyway, that last picture is precious!! And I read a little bit of Fifty Shades, too, and I agree with you...I don't know why it's so popular either!

  4. Fifty shades of grey is messed up the second and third book are makesit popular keep reading you will become obsessed !

  5. I haven't heard of the moms on call method-- would you mind sharing what it is, in a nutshell?

  6. those boys of yours look SO much alike! and i looooove archer's tummy time blanket!

  7. cant wait to see the new blog name...i did the same thing awhile ago and felt so liberated to finally change my blog name, too!

    i hear you on the returning to work front...boo. i'm going to try it to see how it works and then make my decision as to what is best :(

  8. I'm on the 2nd book and it's much better. But, I know what you mean, after a while I was like there's only so much descriptive sex talk I can take! lol
    I am curious too about the sleep method..

  9. I would love to hear more about moms on call. Their website isn't very descriptive. Have you used this before?

  10. I want you to blog about Moms on Call! I am curious! Also, kudos to you for doing white skinny jeans postpartum! :)


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