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I mentioned in my last post about using the Moms On Call method, and a few of you were wanting to know more. I'd like to share my great experience so far. Mom's On Call has no idea I am writing this, I just love to share a good thing when I find one.

I first learned about MOC through other blogs and Twitter. When I found out that I was expecting again I began to do a little research about them and see what they were about. There were SO many rave reviews that I decided to give it a try.

When I was a new mom with Keating I had no idea what I was doing. I don't think that reading every book in print can prepare you for the endless sleepless nights with a colicky baby. I only wish I had known about MOC then. Since I will be going back to work in a few short weeks, I know that getting on a schedule and sleep training is really important. With Keating I used Babywise, which worked for us but I found that the scheduling was a little more complicated and it was more stern in its cry it out method

The Moms are both nurses with many children between the two of them. They have great experience and know what works. I like that they speak from personal experience and not some man that thinks he knows what it is like to be a mom... Because lets face it... It's us that does the hard work... Not the dads!

They offer in home consultations and an online seminar. I chose the online seminar as a refresher to prepare for Archer's arrival.

For the first two weeks you allow the baby to determine when mealtime is. For Archer it was every three hours. Then at two weeks you can start following the recommended schedule. Our daytime routine did not change much but we began following the nighttime routine to the T. Since we have, he will sleep from 9:30 until 2:30 or 3am and then again until around 7. We even had one night that he slept from 9:30 until 7am without waking at all!!! At four weeks we will begin working on pushing back his middle of the night feeding.

The videos also teach you how to swaddle a baby, which is the only way Archer currently likes to be swaddled. All of the woombies and swaddle me blankets offer too much wiggle room for now. As soon as I get him swaddled up in his little burrito, he instantly relaxes. It's another thing I wish I had known how to do with Keating. My kids apparently like being in little baby straight jackets! They also offer handy pointers for bath time.

The thing I love most about it, is that they allow room to make your own choices... If you want to bottle feed, great... If you're nursing, That's good too... They don't encourage you to lock the bedroom door and make the baby cry all night long. It's not a brutal cry it out technique. They also make great recommendations. They recommend the cheapest bottles that you can buy... I was skeptical at first but they work great and cost four bucks for three bottles. Can't beat that!! The fancy "anti-colic" bottles I used with Keating were about ten dollars a piece and had to be ordered online. Now I can pick them up anywhere if I lose them and they work just as well. Very handy indeed.

So if you already cant tell, I am a huge fan of MOC. I plan on getting a subscription for new moms as a shower gift I love it so much!! If you still arent convinced you can read the tons of great reviews on their site. I am definitely looking forward to getting the next chapter of the Moms On Call and preparing for what's to come.



  1. Don't you love those Moms? I knew about them before I had my sweet Emmeline, so I felt "ahead of the game" HA. Even hearing their soothing voices on the video would make me feel better.

    And don't you love their swaddle method? I always tell people to do it the way they say and not to use the swaddleme velcro thingamajigs.

    I definitely reccommend the 3-12 month video as well.


  2. I have never heard of this, but I will definitely let my sister know. She is about 5 weeks away from her first child, and she read Babywise. She wants to get her baby on a schedule early on as well and I think this is such a great resource. I will be giving this website to her for sure.

  3. Did you use the swaddle blankets that MOC have for sale on their website?

  4. I will second the swaddling technique and if your baby likes to be swaddled at an older age (5-6 months) like mine did, I highly recommend "The Miracle Blanket."

    I also opted for the cheap bottles with my second because he preferred them and was able to feed himself due to their "skinny" design, which was a lifesaver with baby #2. (I ended up returning all my expensive bottles!)

  5. I have read the book already and plan to implement this as soon as possible. Do you think the online seminar is a necessity if I've already read the book?


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