Giveaway winner and Random Photos

Thanks to everyone who entered the What to Expect giveaway! Random.org drew #10 Christina from {Carolina Charm} and #35 Melanie from Life at 3010. Please email me at mrssouthernbelle@gmail.com with your address to claim your prize!!
This weekend was pretty productive. I was secretely hoping that all of the work around the house would send me into labor, but no such luck, it only resulted in cankles. Sexy right? I got the rest of the misc. items/ furniture out of the nursery (by myself) and I should be able to wrap everything up in there this week. I say by myself because I did it while Brad was working, it isn't that he wouldn't have helped me do it, its that I needed it done RIGHT THEN. If you have ever been 36 weeks pregnant then you know time is of the essence and I absolutely could not wait another second. I did find resourceful ways to move furniture though, such as turning my rugs upside down and sliding the furniture on the wood floors. I was pretty proud of myself!

Since we have moved into our house, we have had a large empty window in our hall bathroom that probably made our visitors a little uncomfortable. If you have used our bathroom in the last 6 months, I am sorry! I finally got around to making a roman shade for it. I used a tutorial I found on Pinterest for making roman shades out of mini blinds. I am happy with how they turned out, but I also picked up a few tricks for next time. It was a bit more tedious than I originally expected. There is nothing I hate more than installing blinds, they NEVER go up right the first time. Luckily I have a toddler that is quite handy at knowing the difference between a flat head and phillips head screw driver. He is a great little assistant. The bathroom is still a work in progress but it has come a LONG way since its turquoise days. I would still love to get rid of that ugly tile and vanity, but one project at a time... On Sunday I spraypainted a few misc. items and lamps. I have been working on the perfect nursery lamp after Ike broke the last one into a million pieces. Brad asked why I keep buying goodwill lamps to redo when I could just buy one from the store. He doesn't understand that the process is part of the fun for me.
We spent the afternoon at my parent's house dyeing Easter eggs with Keating for the first time. He was obviously too busy to take a picture with me here, just look at that pained expression! I have been trying to soak up as much bonding time with him as I can. Although he has no idea what to expect with his brother's pending arrival, I want for him to know that he is special and loved.
He really liked dyeing eggs, for about 3 minutes, but then it became too boring for him. He had to go play in his playhouse and entertain himself with more wild and crazy activities while he waited for the eggs to turn colors.
One good thing about being very pregnant is that your mom cooks you dinner and you dont have to do a thing. Thanks mom! Keating enjoyed his feast of "mawmaw's mac and cheese." If you had ever tried my MawMaw's mac and cheese you would know why he is so happy! It is quite the delicacy.
It is Tuesday and I'm still feeling the aftermath of all of the work I did. Late pregnancy is making me a wimp and so far 37 weeks has not been kind to me! Ready to get this show on the road!


  1. Can you send me that tutorial?

  2. The bathroom look great!!
    I'm so excited to "meet" your new baby! :)

  3. Do I see the mac and cheese right? Is it made with spaghetti noodles. My mother always made hers that way and we loved it. I almost always make ours the same way.

    Can't wait to see pictures of the new baby.


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