36 Weeks in all its glory

Well here I am in all of my 36.5 weeks. I am way bigger than I was with Keating. This is as big as I was with him when I delivered at 38 weeks.

How Far Along? 36.5 weeks!

Maternity Clothes? Only on blue jean Friday. The remainder of the week I have been wearing glorious summer dresses.

Weight Gain? 22.5 lbs

Stretch Marks? One... I'm greasing myself like a Thanksgiving turkey so that I don't get anymore!

Gender? Boy

Sleep? Tylenol PM is my new friend. I'm not even going to complain though. I know this sleep is better than what is to come.

Food Cravings? green monster smoothie, I love those things! At least its good for us.

What I Miss? Spending a nice afternoon with a cold beer on the patio, my stomach not looking like an alien is inside of it. It is really quite nuts, I will have to film what this kid does to me.

Symptoms? Lovely swollen ankles, turning corners and people saying "WHOA!" like I'm the first pregnant person they have ever laid eyes on.

Belly Button? Currently in.

Best Moment of the Week? Knowing we have a head down baby and now awaiting the impending labor. I have to admit I was somewhat looking forward to scheduling a day to have a baby whenever I wanted.... Oh well!
Keating is getting ready for Archer to be here. He has been trying to communicate with him via toliet paper tube. It is funny because when he was doing this, Archer started kicking around. Sometimes when A gets in a really good kick or jab, I'll let out an "OUCH!" and Keating will say "Archer stop kicking mama!" Such a protective little man!


  1. You look lovely! Good luck with your delivery, I'm sure everything will go great. I am having baby Jack May 23rd!! It's a season of boys! :)

  2. OH you look great! Glad to hear things are going well...you're almost there!! :)

  3. oh my gosh, that last picture is the cutest thing EVER!!!


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