A Date Night and weekend stuff

It had been FOR-EV-ER since Brad and I had a date night out. I'm pretty sure that our last actual "date" just to go to dinner by ourselves, was last July... So we were more than thrilled when my parents had the idea to have Keating sleep over this past Saturday night. Lately most of our together time has been involving house projects and painting shutters, not exactly date night material!

Keating was really excited to go to his G and Shonnie's house, and as we dropped him off he didn't even look back. Yes, its a good thing that he wasn't begging for us to stay and making us feel guilty... but not even a single fake tear... nope. He didn't mind one bit!

We decided to see an early afternoon movie and then go to dinner afterwards. We are old like that and didn't want to have to wait too late to eat! Brad suggested we see This Means War, which surprised me because I thought it seemed like a chick-flick. I excitedly agreed. The movie was fantastic. It has been rare that we both find a movie that we enjoy, unless it starts with a Harry and ends with a Potter. This movie had a little action, tons of comedy, and a love story thrown in for good measure. It was refreshing to see a comedy without the normal Owen Wilsons and Vince Vaughns thrown in the mix. I love those guys, but this was a great change. In my opinion these guys are much easier on the eyes too!

After the movie we enjoyed a dinner where we didn't have to beg a toddler to eat his chicken or keep him from trying to crawl under the table. It was strange but nice! We then wrapped up the night at a friend's birthday get together, where we stayed out much too late. I didn't know people still stayed out past 10 o'clock, 1 am was really pushing it!

The rest of the weekend was spent cleaning out our black hole of a garage and I finished sewing Archer's baby bedding. I am so happy with how it turned out! Can't wait to share pics once I get the rest of my act together and finish everything else! Hopefully not too much longer.


  1. SO good to know the movie was a winner...i may just have to make jeff take me soon!!

  2. Glad you finally had a date night and enjoyed the time alone and with friends. Thanks for the movie suggestion; I would also prefer going to the movie early- mama's gotta eat!


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