28 Weeks

How far along? 28 Weeks 79 days to go! WOW!
Total weight gain: 17.5 as of my appointment this morning
Maternity clothes? Bottoms yes, tops are long tops, former dresses or maternity tops
Stretch marks? nope! But running low on the Mama Mio. I better place an order soon!
Sleep: Its been wonderful, sadly I never feel like I get enough. I was yawning the other day and Keating said "Drink coffee Mama!" Smart boy!
Best moment this week: Lets see, I got the glucose test out of the way this morning... hopefully I pass that with flying colors. Also our house keeper started coming this week. That is a GOD SEND! I am also in the home stretch and started 3rd Trimester.
Miss Anything? Bending over and normal jeans
Movement: yep! I feel like he is a little calmer than Keating was in the womb.
Food cravings: Rootbeer floats. MMMMmmmm
Food aversions: none
Gender: Boy!!
Labor Signs: No real ones, but I felt like he was going to fall out last weekend. He's sitting super low. I thought he was head down, but turns out he is currently breech. I guess we will see if he finds the right direction soon enough.
Symptoms: Waddling due to hip/ round ligament pain.
Belly Button in or out? It has been coming and going. I think it all depends on how he's sitting in there.
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Looking forward to: the weekend!


  1. I hated that round ligament pain :/ Hang in there mama!

  2. Don't worry about him being breech! Brody was, too, at that point in pregnancy, but he flipped by 32 weeks. Apparently second babies can wait longer to flip.

    And how awesome that you got a housekeeper?!! I am so jealous!! That is probably the best gift a pregnant chick can get!

  3. There's light at the end of the tunnel now! :)

  4. This is passing right on thru. Seems like yesterday you announced you were expecting again and now 28weeks. Wow
    Keating cracked me up Coffee Momma. Love it

  5. how exciting! i love reading about other prego mamas! Im 33 weeks! congrats to you xo

  6. Yay! 28 weeks! I'm currently 26 and also having a boy, so I'm right behind you. Root beer floats are definitely on my cravings list too. And oh do I ever wish I could have some "real" coffee to get over this exhaustion. Sadly I don't even think that would do the trick!

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