20 Weeks and his NAME

It would be an understatement to say that I haven't taken as many bump photos this pregnancy as with Keating. In fact, this is only the second one I have done. I'm sure this probably doesn't bother any of you, but it bothers me. I feel like I am already a slacker. Sadly there just aren't enough hours in the day. I am trying to keep all of the balls juggled in the air. So my pregnancy updates may be every 6 weeks or so.

How Far Along? 20 Weeks

Total Weight Gain? I think around 6 pounds

Maternity Clothes? Work pants and jeans are the only ones that have made the swap. I am going to get rich by inventing maternity pants that actually stay up. By the end of the day all of these pants sag in the butt. Doesn't matter the brand or style... they all do it. Maybe I need a butt?

Stretch Marks? Nope. I'm lotioning and oiling, oiling and lotioning... (The Sand Lot? Anyone?)

Gender? All boy. We went for another ultrasound on Friday to check all of the important stuff and he is still all boy.

Movement? All the time. He is quite active! It is starting to be visible from the outside now.

Food Cravings? Grapefruit and Sam Adams Winter Ale, separately, not together.

What I Miss? Energy. The past few weeks I have been worn out. I think that just goes along with this time of year. There is so much going on and I dont want to miss out on anything. Christmas just goes by too fast!

Best Moment of the Week? Deciding on name!

So for the name, we debated this for a long time. This name was a little harder to pick out than Keating's because I had known I wanted to name a son "Keating" since I was in the 7th grade. This little man's name took a little more work. It had to sound original like Keating, and it also couldn't be too vanilla, since Keating isn't exactly a common name.

We each had a few choices that we threw out, made a few lists, and names were added to our combined likes or vetoes. I admit that I checked the social security name database for every choice to make sure they weren't popular. As we went back and forth on choices there was always one name that we both consistently liked, and it was... Charles is his daddy's first name and I wish I had a great story about the name Archer, but I don't, we both just really liked it. He will be called Archer. I do think it is special that both of my sons will have part of their dad's name. So there you have it! 20 weeks of name debating and we finally came up with a winner.


  1. I really like the name! Very original but still not weird or anything! If we spoke English around here, I'd consider it for my boys!

  2. Great name ! Charles is traditional but very unique with Archer added in

  3. Love the name! I think that will fit perfectly with Keating.

    P.S. Also, had to tell you that we are finally caught up with The Vampire Diaries! They just added it to streaming Netflix, so we've been watching for a couple weeks (Trevor is hooked, too). We finished watching the 9th episode from the third season last night, and now, I also can't wait for January!! I am so hooked, I'm probably going to have withdrawals now that I can't watch it every day. I totally agree, too, that Damon is my favorite vampire... even over Edward. :)

  4. I love the name Archer combined with Charles! Very unique.

  5. what a great name!! LOOOOOVE archer, and you look amazing lady!!

  6. Love it! I love that their names will be so original :)
    See you in a few weeks!

  7. What a perfect, strong, handsome name! You look amazing and I am sending lots happy Christmas wishes your family's way :) xox

  8. That's a great name.
    I wish I had taken more pregnancy pictures. I thought I was fat the entire time and refused to take lots of pictures. Now I regret that!
    I never had any odd cravings. But I do have LOTS and LOTS of stretch marks on my tummy!

  9. I just found your blog and had to say that I love your taste in boys' names. We used an unusual one, too (Thatcher) and I just love original but strong male names. Great choices!

  10. I love the name!! Very classy and unique. I'm new to blogspot and a new follower :) I'm starting a southern beauty blog and found your site while looking for other southern based sites. I love it and definitely plan on coming back, swing by mine if you ever get the chance :)

  11. Love the name!! Archer is such a cool name!

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