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Where is this month going? It seems to be flying by soon enough Christmas will be upon us! Life has been "cray cray" as Keating would say, in our house. For two weeks he was sick with some sort of cold that turned into a sinus infection and ear ache. Every night we would put him to bed, and he would start coughing and hacking. As many of you know, you cant give a toddler any sort of good medicine. We tried all of the homeopathic remedies and still nothing worked. It was a miserable two weeks. Did I mention that Keating has inherited the world's weakest stomach, so when he was up coughing, he would throw up. There was not a day within that span that I was not stripping his sheets off at night. As many of you also know, changing the sheets in a crib is the biggest pain, like wrestling an alligator.
We did have a chance to have a few family photos taken by my coworker this year. They turned out great despite Keating feeling under the weather. He isn't smiling in many of them because I bribed him with sweet tarts. I probably should have waited to give them to him until we were done shooting. Oh well, live and learn. At least he was actually sitting still!
We are really looking forward to Thanksgiving in our house. My food responsibilities include homemade mac and cheese and peanut butter pie. I shared the Mac and Cheese recipe a few years back here. If you never tried it... I highly recommend high tailing it to the store to get the ingredients. Just dont think about the calories... also be prepared for your family to request it EVERY year... it's that good folks. What is going to be on your Thanksgiving table??
We have also been scratching a few items off of our list of to do's around the house. I have painted bookshelves for Keating's room that need to be hung... then his room is complete and I can share! I ordered photos to frame for our bare hallway, we finally have shades in our master bathroom, my china cabinet is half way painted, and should be complete this weekend, and I am in the process of sprucing up our Ikea curtains in the living room. If I am feeling extra ambitious I may even redo the hall bath vanity. Not sure if this is considered nesting or just wanting our house to be finished by our annual Christmas party.
Speaking of Christmas party... this is the dress I will be sporting from Asos maternity. I heard the site mentioned a few times on other blogs and those girls were right. The dress fits perfect and leaves just enough growing room in the mid section. I definitely plan to order from there again!
Moving on, is anyone else already having Vampire Diary withdrawls?? January seems like a lifetime away! Good thing I will be occupied with fun festivities!


  1. Loving that dress, and cute family pics! I also am completely obsessed with vampire diaries and don't know what to do with myself on Thursday nights, ha!

  2. y'all are the cutest family :-) Also, I just started watching vampire diaries - hooray for netflix :-)

  3. I LOVE your family pictures, it is so cute with the wagon!

    And that dress is so cute! Love it!


  4. Love, love, love the dress! I think I need to try that Mac and Cheese recipe. I always use Mary Mac's recipe but you've convinced me to venture out :)

    Keating looks precious in the John Deere wagon. My boys LOVE anything JD and have a slight obsession with all things green and yellow!

  5. You have to get a set of QuickZip crib sheets at http://www.cloudsandstars.com/
    We have been going through the same nightly routine of stripping sheets due to coughing and throwing up with our little guy. I must say they make bed making so much faster in the middle of the night. No wrestling the mattress. Get 2 top sheets so you always have a clean one ready. Congrats on your pregnancy.

  6. Oh my goodness - we have a Boston, too :)

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