Kitchen Sources

I just wanted to share the sources and info for our kitchen renovation in case anyone is interested.
The knobs and pulls came from this ebay store
The lantern is from CSN lighting
Cabinet paint color is Sherwin Williams Iron Ore
Island paint color is Sherwin Williams Greek Villa
Wall color is Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray
The shelves were built by Brad and a friend
and I think that is all... Thanks for all of the comments on the post! I can't wait to show more progress along the way!


  1. LOVE the kitchen.
    Just a question... im wanting to paint our cabinets/cupboards white... they are a yuck tan right now. How long did it take? Did you do it yourself? And is it honestly cheaper to paint yourself vs. hiring someone to install new ones, etc? Sorry for all the questions, just something I really want to do and need to find time for! especially with the kiddos running around!

  2. Britt it would be so much cheaper to paint them! We may have spent 150 in paint and primer. We did it ourselves and it took a few painting sessions but we were having to do it during our trips to the house instead of tackling it all at one time. I think you could do it in a weekend. Good luck!

  3. I bought our kitchen drawer pulls from there, too... after I had already spent $100 at Lowe's on the cabinet pulls! Oh well, at least part of them were cheap! We're going to be repainting our cabinets soon, so I am using your picture to inspire me to actually get to it!

  4. It looks great! I am wondering if you would share where you got your kitchen faucet? Thanks!

  5. Natalie it is from home depot online. We love it so far!


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