Answers to a few baby Questions

To answer some of the questions I have received from friends and family

How far along are you? 12.5 Weeks. I was a little anxious to tell everyone so I was at the end of my 11th week when I spilled the beans.

Was this planned? Well... not exactly planned by us, but God planned it =)

Are we excited? OF COURSE we are excited. We are over joyed and blessed with such a little miracle. There are few great surprises in life, and this was truly one of them, what a great gift! If I am honest though, it was a little bitter sweet for me to break the news to a few people in my life who have been desperately trying to conceive. I felt like I was rubbing salt in a wound. I am just hoping their time comes VERY soon!

How did you find out? I knew that I was late, and I bought a drugstore test. When I took it a faint line appeared but it was more gray than blue. Brad wasn't home for a second opinion so I kind of freaked out and took pictures and sent them to my friend. She said that she couldn't see anything, but that I knew better... if there was a line that I was pregnant. Still being in denial, I researched false positives on blue dye tests. Brad was pretty convinced I was just crazy and said I wasn't pregnant. The next morning I took another test and there was a much darker blue line. The digital test confirmed it.

Do you think its a boy or a girl? From the beginning I have said girl based on a feeling. All of our friends and family think pink too. Randomly last May I bought a precious pink smocked dress for no reason at all, with no baby to wear it. I am wondering if this is what my subconcious reasoning was? That little dress could fit a baby girl next spring...The Chinese gender chart says girl and the dangling ring over the belly trick says girl as well. But, the logical part of me thinks boy. I feel the same as I did with Keating. No sickness, slow to start showing same cravings. I guess in a few weeks we will see!

When are you due? April 23, 2012. My sister is hoping it happens on her birthday which is April 25, but since Keating came early they say this one probably will too.

Do you have any names picked out? We have a few girl names that we like but nothing set in stone, we don't agree on any boy names yet.

How are you feeling? Feeling great, no nausea. Just some food adversions and a little exhaustion. I took a nap on my lunch break the other day!

Any cravings? Lemons, bloody mary (virgin of course), olives, chocolate milk, and sushi which I cant have.

What does Keating think about it? Well, obviously he doesn't understand, but I did teach him to point to my belly and say baby. Its pretty cute!


  1. I craved Bloody Mary (virgin) too!!! I've never met anyone else who had that craving until now. Funny.

    I'm wishing you a very healthy pregnancy and hope you're feeling great.

  2. You forgot to tell everyone that you're going to name the baby Hannah Claire after her auntie, if it's a girl! :)

  3. Congratulations! Hope you're feeling well and that your pregnancy goes smoothly :)

  4. I had very similar cravings with Laney, def. the bloody mary! I was told sushi was ok in moderation and I ate it a couple of times, just stuck to the boring, cooked stuff.

  5. so so happy for you!! keating is gonna be an awesome big brother!

  6. Aw congrats! This pregnancy has been exactly the same as my first so I was 99% sure it's another boy....but they say it's a girl - so I guess it does happen!

    Even the Chinese gender predictor was the same - boy for both!

  7. Congrats! We are pregnant too... only about 6 weeks along though. I'm excited to follow your journey!

  8. Congratulations!! Our due dates are only 2 days apart!


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