Fall is Here!

Well, maybe not officially... but this week it has felt like fall has arrived. After a rainy weekend at the beach, all of Tropical Storm Lee followed us home to Georgia and brought with it cool weather. I just hope that it stays this nice! I am already seeing nights by the fire and bowls of chili in hand. S'more roasting and falling leaves. Tall boots and sweater weather... okay you get the point.
Fall really is my favorite time of year, if you cant tell... The only bad thing about it, is that it never lasts long enough!
I am pretty sure that every year, I go into great detail about how much I ADORE fall decorations. How pretty is this front porch? White pumpkins and mums are perfect. Maybe if the outside of our house is painted in time, I could do something like this on the porch.

And I know that I have declared my love for candy corn. It seems that you either love it or hate it!? I, for one, LOVE it. I also love it here used as a vase filler, I never would have thought of that. This also reminds me that I need to try to find my first bag of the season. I'm honestly surprised that my teeth haven't rotted out like my mom told me they would if I ate too much candy... I just got a clean dental bill of health from the dentist so I am good to go until next year!

These little pumpkin treats are fun, kind of like a mini pinata. They would make a cute party decoration and they're also a party favor. Too bad I dont have the willpower to make them. Maybe one day, when I am super mom!
Another one of my favorite things about fall is our state fair. If you have not been to the North Georgia State Fair, then you really must go. There are great concerts, fun rides, enough people watching to bulge your eyes out, and most of all fried food of every variety. My favorite is a corn dog and rootbeer float. What is your favorite fair delicacy? (I am using the term delicacy very loosely)
I haven't given much thought yet to what Keating will be for Halloween this year. Last year he was this precious PB Kids lion. I am selling the costume if you want it! Size 6-12 months, basically new, was only worn about 30 minutes. It is just as cute and fluffy as it looks in the photo. Please email if you are interested. $30 includes shipping
I hope everyone isn't getting flooded with all of the rain that many have seen lately. I also hope that those in Texas that need the rain get some soon!
Happy September Y'all!


  1. I did candy corn vase filler last year and was so tempted to eat it in November, but I suppressed the fat girl and threw it away. =)

  2. I also love candy corn!! Yum! We are going to the Tennessee State Fair tomorrow. It's my first fair experience...I'm excited for fair food and people watching!

  3. i want boots and sweaters SOOOOO bad!!!

    and mallowcream pumpkins are totally better than candy corn ;)

  4. I love how everyone always goes all out with their decoration! Where I live, people would look reeeeally weird if you did that hahaha! But nontheless, the moment I have a house of my own, I'll jump on the deco wagon!
    For now I'll just see what I can do to make our flat a little more fall-y :)
    Love the pictures!!

  5. SOOO excited for fall!! It seems like it goes from 115 degree heat through Sept, then one month of fall, then to the dreaded winter. I so agree that fall doesn't last long enough


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