1/2 way moved in. Sneak peak!

Is anyone still here? I sure hope so! I'm sorry for my absence, but I am happy to report that we are half way moved in to our house! It has been a very slow move and due to busy work schedules and extra projects to complete around the house, we have been forced to move in a little bit at a time. I am going nuts having my belongings scattered all over God's green earth. Hopefully within the next week or so we will be completely settled in. I haven't had a chance to take any new photos, but here is a little sneak peak at our bedroom barn doors. I LOVE the way they turned out! The board supporting them still needs to be painted to match, another thing on our "to do list."

I can't wait to share more photos with everyone. So far the room I am most excited about is Keating's room. It is so much fun and he finally has a space of his own. I painted a chalkboard wall and I am obsessed with his curtains. If you have been reading long enough, you can probably guess what pattern they are... houndstooth of course! =) He really likes coloring on his chalkboard wall, and the carpet and baseboards and everything else! Needless to say, he can only play with chalk with supervision.

As far as decorating goes, I can't wait to get started but there is still so much stuff and I am just not sure where to put it all! We will be having a garage sale in our near future. I'm also having a lot more trouble with the living room than I expected. There is so much open space I am a little overwhelmed with what to do with it! I will be open to suggestions! This weekend I made a trip to Ikea for white curtain panels. They are such a great bargain. I am trying to decide how to dress them up a little and add some color. Here are a few ideas I have been debating.

I love the ribbon trim on these curtains and I think it would be quite simple to add. Its just enough color, and if I ever got tired of it I could always replace it with something else.

I also like the horizontal stripes added to these panels.

The chevrons on these curtains are fun, but they would be a lot more labor intensive.

I love the quatrefoil pattern on these, but not sure if I have the patience to stencil them. I tried stenciling curtains for Keating's room and almost completed one panel and messed up the pattern. Talk about frustrating! I also have four matching panels to do, so it needs to be snappy. Anyone have any ideas? I think I am leading towards the ribbon trim. Thoughts?


  1. I love the barn doors!! So beautiful!

    I like the ribbon trim. It looks the easiest too! Bonus!

  2. I really dig the ribbon trim out of all the examples. Keeps it fresh, adds a little pop of color, and easily changed.

  3. oh I'm so excited to see it all! :-) I love your barn doors!

  4. The barn doors look awesome! I think a ribbon trim would be cute & easy! I can't wait to see pictures of the whole house!

  5. LOVE the barn doors!! they're amazing!

    ugh, curtains stress me out...i adore the chevron and quatrefoil, but i'd totally do the ribbon trim too...cuz the others seem hard!

  6. It looks really good! And I love the ribbon idea! Go for it :)

  7. The ribbon idea is a great one - so easy to swap out colours with the seasons too. The barn doors look amazing!

  8. The barn doors are amazing -- I am so impressed and can't wait to see more pictures. For the curtains, all are gorgeous but I say the ease and great look of the ribbon trim makes those a great choice!

  9. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the barn doors for the bedroom! You are so creative and cant wait to see the finished house. I know y'all are so ready to get all the way in.

  10. I love the barn doors. It is such a unique idea and it looks great!

    And I like the first curtain idea best, with the ribbon. It especially looks good with the ribbon on the pillows too. It looks so fresh and clean.

    So excited to see more pictures soon!



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