7 Wants

7 Wants…

1. For my house to be finished.

2. Frye boots. I have wanted a pair for years, and I think they would be a wise investment. =)

3. A winning Georgia football season

4. An extended vacation to Ireland or Italy

5. For each day to have at least 48 hours in it, so that I can accomplish everything that I need to do.

6. To wake up every morning and have perfect hair. I have been rocking the pony tail quite frequently lately.

7. To one day be able to work from home


  1. Hi! Just wanted to know what makes you want to vacation in Ireland/Italy. If you need any tips on Ireland I've been living in Dublin for 3 years :-) Hope you get to make the trip some day!

  2. I would love to go but sadly it won't be anytime soon!

  3. Funny, my "wants" list is almost exactly like yours right now...most importantly, including Frye boots!!!

  4. I love love love my Frye boots ... they were a great investment that I know you will not regret!


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