Yesterday while painting the first coat of gray on our kitchen cabinets, Brad decided to tell me how he felt about the paint colors that I chose for our home. Let me start out by saying, that I asked him COUNTLESS times his thoughts on the colors. I sat around many a' nights surrounded by 100's of paint swatches saying "Do you like this one? How about this?" To which he had no opinions and said "Pick whatever you want."
Last night's conversation went a little like this...
Me: "I really love this color gray, it looks great with the counter tops"
Brad: "Yeah I like it, I'm just worried its going to be too dark" "I just feel like when I walk into our house, that I am on the set of Pleasantville... everything is just black, white and gray. I wish you had picked more color" I asked him people... I asked him!
Granted, right now when you walk in our house, it is very neutral. I see it is a blank canvas to enhance with colorful accessories, where we wont have to be stuck with a color until we decide to repaint. I can change out things as I feel the urge. {which happens a lot} I told him that it would be completely different once we moved our furniture and belongings in. To which he promptly reminded me that we had gray couches and recently bought a new black bedroom set. I told him to just trust me, that it would all come together. So while our house is filled with black and gray, I will be bringing color to it like the scandalously colored people of Pleasantville.

I am thinking of painting our old wood barstools a fun new color. Red is at the top of my list, but I am not deciding just yet.

Maybe pairing them with a cherry red china cabinet.

An inky blue desk could also be a fun pop of color. My old college desk is just begging for a coat of shiny paint! I recently painted a pair of kid's chairs in this color for Keating's room and they are too cute!
Speaking of Keating's room, I know it wont be lacking any color. Everything kid related is colorful. I kept his walls neutral as well, I didn't want to over do it. I plan on adding a book shelf like this on his wall, to encourage his obsession with books.
Here, a nice neutral room comes to life with easily changeable pillows.
This room could have easily been very "Pleasantville" but the bright pillows and art work really bring it to life.
I love these fun yellow chairs, not sure about the comfort level though!
All images are via Pinterest. I am sorry if I took any of your images and did not properly credit you. I cannot for the life of me figure out the pinterest embed feature. Please forgive me.


  1. Well first off, I LOVE Pleasantville. I think it's a wonderful place to live. :)

    And I just pinned a kitchen with red bar stools yesterday! Love it. I totally agree- I'd rather my wall colors be rich but neutral so that I can change my mind and "redecorate" with pillows and accessories all the time. I think it makes for a versatile and timeless home!

  2. Most men know nothing about color..... And they shouldnt!!! Remember what your Nannie always said! "you can't expect much, they are just men" The house will be beautiful when you get it done!

  3. I completely agree with your design philosophy, gal! I did our home in mainly neutrals with some pops of color. Now that we're young I have very colorful accents. But as we grow older and our tastes change, we can replace the teeny (less expensive) items and hold on to the classic pieces like our couches, chairs, etc.

  4. I love gray neutrals - not to say your husband might not be "decor minded" but I've found that my husband will do the same thing, and once you get the accents in, it makes all the difference in the world. Besides, when we first moved into our house I painted every room a different color - all neutral tones, mainly - and within a year had painted every.single.wall either an off-white or a light tan. It's the colors within your decor that make the difference!

  5. boys always like complaining about stuff AFTER the fact!!! just get it all colored up with accessories, he'll change his tune.

    and pleasantville? AWESOME movie!!

  6. Our house was very browny and dull because my husband didn't want to put in the "girly colors" before we got married - it had to be his man cave. So he kept complaining that everything was so dark and that he didn't feel at home, blablabla...

    When we got married I brought in the colorful accessories (the ones he thought to be too girly... We're talking about purple, red, blue, and yes some pinks) and now he doesn't even understand why he found it all to be too girly hah!

    Men... But you can't live without 'em :)
    At least I can't live without mine!


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