House Updates... Still in progress

Yes, we are still working on the house. We had no idea getting in to this "little" process that it would take so long. Here we are on month three, but we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Here's a few updates for anyone that is curious what has been taking us so long!

**Pics are not good quality... sorry**

This is a view of our new ceiling that our friend Austin is installing. They are casing out all of the beams to look like solid wood beams and then he installed the planks. We are currently in the process of deciding whether to paint or do some sort of semi transparent stain on the planks. Suggestions?

This is the wall that used to be dividing the kitchen from the old formal living room. The cased openings really make the kitchen seem so much bigger. We were going to do the trim on them more traditional, but I love the way the charcoal is turning out.

This is a view from the back door.

This is the view when you walk in to our new bedroom. The door to the left is the closet, the door to the right is the bathroom.

And a view from the bathroom door.
I really need a wide angle lense and not an iphone to take these photos.
Apparently I picked the most difficult tile to install in a shower. It kept breaking and wouldnt stay put... oops! I think it looks really pretty though!

The recessed cabinet in the wall actually used to be one of the kitchen cabinets that we took down. Gotta love reusing something you already have.

Well, that is all of the poor quality photos I have for today. Hopefully I will have a finished house to show y'all soon enough!


  1. it is looking gorgeous!! It will be so worth the wait :)

  2. Everything looks so good!! Love that charcoal color on the living room trim. If it was up to me, I'd paint the ceiling planks white and have the beams that same charcoal as the trim.

    The shower tile looks awesome!! This already looks like a totally different house!!

  3. Oh I love it! And I TOTALLY feel you pain with the ridiculous length of the process. Remind me never to do this again.

  4. it looks AMAZING!!! can't wait to see the whole thing done.


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