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Last weekend I made these AMAZING Salted Caramel Butter Bars for the 4th of July Festivities. They were BY FAR the most amazing thing I have ever made, But I cannot take credit for them, they came from here. Do yourself a favor and make a batch! Simply amazing, but they can only appear in my house for special occasions or I would be in big trouble!

I love this arrangement with the typography artwork and photos. That table is amazing.

How awesome are these nails!? Apparently if you put rubbing alcohol on your nails and then press newspaper to them, this is the result. Who knew?!

I love gallery walls! They remind me of going to my grandparents house and looking at their hallway filled with photos of my mom and her sisters with Farrah Faucet hair. I plan to have one in our home, I am just not sure if I will do this many.

With temperatures hitting 97 degrees around here, I keep finding myself dreaming of fall. I am going to start saving my pretty pennies for these boots. If I buy just one thing for myself this year... it will be these.

What a cute idea is this? I think I am going to do this for Thanksgiving and then I could hang Christmas cards from it in December.

And since it is still summer... here is a precious swim suit that I need to find asap. I am starting to realize that my days of wearing bikinis may just be dwindling, this could have something to do with eating the Salted Caramel Butter Bars, or it could just be a fact of life... I'm not exactly a spring chicken anymore! I think this is a cute one piece without being matronly.


  1. Loved all your Pinterest Picks! Is there any way you could send me an invitation? I've been on the waiting list for weeks! My email is: ashley_kkg@yahoo.com

  2. that swimsuit is ADORABLE!! and those boots? i am dead with the awesomeness.

  3. that one piece is DARLING!! ok where is it from???

  4. I am getting so hooked on Pinterest! I love gallery walls, too, we just don't have any wall space for one in this house, aside from in our stairwell. Maybe one day!

    Those boots are awesome! I love fall pretty much because of boot-wearing.

  5. You def are not over a bikini. You look great!


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