Boys Will Be Boys

Today when I got home from work, I could hear Keating, but I couldn't see him. When he realized that I was home he swiftly crawled though the doggie door to show me his new toys. His Shonnie bought him a prize today because she felt bad that he has a cold and is getting 4 new teeth. Does this look like the energy level of a sick, teething child?? His new toys are a set of tools that he spent the day traumatizing the dogs with. The saw and drill really move and make noise, which he thinks is awesome... the dogs, not so much. These photos aren't great quality but he was running around so fast "sawing" things that my lens couldn't keep up.
Honestly, only a little boy would enjoy a toy such as a drill. I guess it means one day he will also enjoy yard work and doing projects around the house like his dad?

Another thing that this little boy likes to do, is charm the ladies. Last weekend we had a play date at the park with Heidi and Gianna. Keating and Gigi had lots of fun playing, but when it came to flirting he saved all of that for Heidi! He kept doing things to try to get her attention, then he would look at her and bat his eyes. He's such a ham. (photos stolen from Mrs. Foreste)

Giving sweet eyes while showing off his impressive tire climbing skills.
All of that playing worked up a few little appetites. So the kids shared a "nack" (snack) and Gigi insisted on feeding each bite to Keating. She's such a sweet girl. We really miss them living close by.


  1. Candace, these are absolutely adorable! Such cutie pies!

  2. Hey is so so cute! :-) I LOVE that last pic!

  3. Keating is "ALL BOY" with Capital letters! So, so cute!

  4. This is an incredibly precious photo! You should submit this to a photo contest!

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