April Wedding Showers

Sorry for the lack of posting, life has just been flying by. In my spare time I have been getting ready for my sister's wedding shower that I was co-hosting this past Saturday. I hosted the shower with my mom's best friend, my aunt, cousin and sister in law.

The blushing bride and Me... She really is a lot taller than me

{My sister, me and my cousin}
We wanted to make sure that the shower was really special for Hannah. I wanted to be sure that we included all of her favorite things. We started out with a sherbert champagne punch, because what is a wedding shower with out champagne punch!? In case you are wondering it is a scoop of raspberry sherbert, a spash of cran/raspberry juice and champagne. They go down quite nicely!

They also look really pretty too!
We like to keep it classy with the Andre champagne!

Hannah also happens to LOVE biscuits, so I included a "Biscuit Bar". I used frozen Pillsbury biscuits and then guests were able to dress them up with homemade butters and jams. The Lemon Butter was a favorite and so easy! I will share the recipe later if anyone is interested.
We also had cinnamon honey butter, blackberry butter, and homemade pepper jelly from my mom's garden.
My Aunt and cousin Kendall brought this gorgeous cake all the way from our favorite bakery in Louisiana. They froze it to get it here safely and then Kendall dressed it up with flowers. The girl could seriously be a florist.
My Aunt put together all of the gorgeous floral arrangements. She used hydrangeas in blue and white, little purple flowers that I do not know the name of, and white roses. They turned out so pretty!
We also had freshly grown purple irises straight from the garden.
Karen, {my mom's best friend}, is an amazing baker. She made mini cupcakes in three different flavors. Homemade Red velvet with cream cheese butter cream, yellow cake with chocolate butter cream, and yellow cake with caramel and pecans on top. They were incredible. I only ate one... okay fine I cannot tell a lie... I had a lot more than one!
Karen got a little cupcake happy, they were everywhere!

Wedding showers and gifts are nice, but I think it is still important to remember the reason for the festivities. I asked Han's fiance if he would mind writing a little note that I could display at her shower. Just something nice that would make her smile... He went above and beyond with his letter.She was so surprised that she cried when she read it. It was really sweet.
This photo is a little random, but I wanted to include my pretty tissue paper flowers. I thought they were a nice spin on the tissue paper balls that you always see.

We had a cute little helper "helping" us set up. I took my eye off of him for a minute and then found him playing in a puddle of water underneath the water cooler saying "OH NO, WET!" and splashing his hands in it. He was just not a fan of the girly shower things, he also wasn't in the mood for any kisses. He is all boy!
He just anxiously awaited for his G-Paw to come and pick him up! Such a sweet boy.

Not to toot my own horn, but I am pretty convinced that it was one of the prettiest wedding showers I have ever been to. =)
OH! And I almost forgot to mention, we ended the shower with Root Beer/Coke Floats in Mason Jars. I love Root Beer floats so much, I just had to include them! It was a nice way to thank everyone for coming.


  1. That IS a very beautiful wedding shower! Y'all did a great job, I'm inspired!

  2. I would like to be invited to the showers you throw! I love all of the details!

  3. It was a beautiful shower. I loved the biscuits!

  4. Beautiful shower - great job! I would love the recipe for lemon butter when you get a moment. That sounds so delicious.

    PS - We just painted our new master bathroom Agreeable Gray this weekend. We love it! Have you already done all of your painting?

  5. Love all the details and that cupcake table is the cutest idea!

  6. The flowers are gorgeous and the food looks absolutely divine! I'm drooling over the baked goods!

    Congratulations to your beautiful sister!

  7. what a great sister you are! the shower looks lovely, and you my dear look gorgeous!!

  8. that cake..the flowers..the decor!!! It's all so beautiful.. you have really nice stuff on here. Just took a couple of minutes to look around your site and now following!
    Hope you can visit my page soon and follow along also :-)

    Hugs from NYC!



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