Freaking A-ddress

I have been waiting a really long time to order a personalized address stamp. I didn't want to order one in our old house because I knew we would not be staying there too much longer, and I didn't want to jinx anything and order one for our new/old house too early. I figured it was finally safe to order my stamp.... and then...

OUR COUNTY HAS DECIDED TO CHANGE OUR ADDRESS!!! Our house has had the same address since the SEVENTIES when it was built. Brad grew up in this house and had the same address his whole life.... The same address that he learned how to write in kindergarten, the same address that all of our bills go to, drivers licenses etc. and NOW they want to go and change it!?

Yes I know it is just a number, but WHAT A PAIN!

Here's what happened. When Brad went to the county to get the permits for all of the renovations, they told him that our house didn't exist on their map. It baffled all of the people in the office. All of the official people that hand out the over priced little permits didn't know what to do. Apparently this conundrum has gone unnoticed for the last 40 years, and NOW they are going to do something about it.

Good thing I didn't order a house number for the porch yet!

I plan on pitching a fit, I mean persuading them to make up for our hassle, I also think they should buy me a new stamp! So frustrating, nothing can ever just go smoothly can it!?


  1. That's really weird! hah! :)

  2. I've never heard of that happening........ever!!

  3. Crazy! and annoying too!!!

  4. Wow talk about irony!! So frustrating! Maybe you will like the new address better?? :)

  5. what?!?! that is the craziest thing i've ever heard! i didn't even know that was possible! that is SO frustrating... they totally owe you a new stamp! for sure!


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