Life Lately

Life lately has consisted of Keating growing like a weed. Life has just been flying by and sometimes I just feel like I cant keep up with it all. Keating is finally walking and is in to EVERYTHING. He has found all of the un-childproofed cabinets and drawers and thoroughly taken inventory of the pots and pans, wine cooler, and tupperware. So far he has come out unscathed except for an incident with a barstool where he busted his lip.Last weekend, we went out to our pond to enjoy the sunshine and watch Brad cutting grass. I got a little too happy about the weather and thought that it was going to be warmer than it really was, that explains Keating looking ticked and cold. {Bad mom}

Luckily I found a jacket in the car for him, even though he looked kind of like a goober, at least he was warm! Anyways, like I said... he is in to EVERYTHING. Though, one thing he is not in to is having his picture taken. As a photographer this just kills me, so I stalk him with the camera when I can trying to get a good shot. I tried making him pose with my new hydrangeas but he was having none of that. You can see his little busted lip, its tough being a new walker.
On Sunday I was brave and brought Blue along for a photo shoot. I got there a few minutes early to attempt more photos of him. He was impressed with the "tee" he was standing by. He is saying a ton of words now and copies everything. The other day in the car I had to slam on the brakes and his response was "WHOA!!" His ability to use words in context is a little frightening so we have definitely had to start watching what we say.
He is walking about 95% of the time, but when he really wants to get somewhere in a hurry he still crawls. He thinks crawling is a game now because he is usually doing it to get away from us when he is trying to do something he isnt supposed to be. {Yes, I had him wearing cords in Spring, dont judge it was laundry day!}

He is also obsessed with balls now. I guess this is a boy thing? Lately, he has been having fighting matches with the dogs over balls instead of playing with his own toys.

Today after work, we went for a little field trip to the farm across the street to feed the cows and goats. Blue was a little afraid of the size of the cow and his huge tongue that kept trying to lick the apple in his hand. He was more jealous that these animals were stealing food from him.
I love how spring time brings cute little babies.
He started stuffing his face with apples so that he didn't have to share his food. We have no photos together and the one we get he has apples pouring out of his mouth. Nice.

Cows really are like over sized dogs. They just wait around at an awkwardly close distance, breathing their hot stinky breath, and waiting for food droppings.

Everyone enjoyed the apples and had a good time!


  1. he looks like such a little man!! and that denim jacket? amazing..i can't stop giggling =)

  2. So cute! I can totally relate to the busted lip. My little guy got his first bloody nose (on his 1st birthday no less) from trying to climb on something!

    So challenging to photograph this age...I agree!

  3. What a cutie pie! My son is around the same age and also into everything! This morning he got into the un-child proofed cabinets and was licking the COMET container and I was freaking!

    BTW dont feel bad .....i think those are the same cords i just got my son cuz i found them on a fall clearance rack for $2 .....i couldnt pass it up even though its spring :)

  4. I honestly don't know if it's possible for him to be any cuter.

  5. He is just so adorable! Those pictures are great, spring time is so much fun with all the fresh little babies!~ :)

  6. Wow he really does look so grown up! For some reason that cow is cracking me up! Fun stuff :)

  7. oh my goodness, what a cutie you have! I can't believe he's a year old already! I haven't been on blogger in a while so I'm out of the loop. I have a 7 week old and I feel like she is already growing so fast, she will be one before I know it ::cue the tears::

  8. I am visiting from your comment at Becca's blog today. Your sweetie is the cutest thing! My favorite picture is of him in his jacket : ) ADORABLE!

  9. He is so adorable & at least he likes fresh fruits so eat that apple!!


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