What Would You Do???

Attention decorators!!!, I need an online consult. I have this beaaauuuutttiifffuuulll seafoam green bathroom that needs your help! I need your help! I have every other aspect of the house pretty much planned out, but this space has just stumped me.

Our budget doesn't have room for this odd hall bathroom, so we are going to have to be crafty.
This bathroom {like much of the rest of the house} was recently redone, just not in our style. The shower and tub are new as is the tile. So all of those things are staying put.

Things I want to change

*The Color
I'm really liking Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams. Or something cream and light to offset the darker tiles? Possibly with a stenciled detail.

*the vanity. I really loathe the vanity... well not so much the base of the vanity, but the weird half moon cutout in the counter top. I am thinking maybe we could only use the portion of cabinets on the sink side and get a new top? Thoughts? Also I would like to paint the cabinets and definitely switch out the knobs

*The Mirror. I would prefer a large mirror hung on the wall instead of a glued on mirror with a faux frame.

Besides these things, I want it to feel more relaxing and spa like and since it is the bathroom that guests will be using {No half bath} I want it to seem more welcoming, not like you're invading a personal area of the house. Does that make sense?

Alright! Bring on the suggestions! FIRE AWAY!!!!


  1. ooooooo love!
    what iiiii would do:
    sand the cabinets, paint white, sand again to look beachy distressed. paint the bathroom the sea salt color. if you replace the counter top, go with a white or sand color. or maybe just one of those bowls with a waterfall faucet. put lots of candles & seashells/coral/old books on the shelves. put some old glass jars (super big, flea markets!) in the corners and in the center of the counter with some dune weeds & cat tails. :)

    my quick fix.
    i want my entire house to be the ocean. we're working on it. :)

  2. Here's what I would do:

    1. Paint the cabs, change hardware

    2. Invest in a new countertop. If not in the budget, how about tucking cute upholstered stool underneath with a pretty fabric or a large wicker basket with bath towels.

    3. Lose the glass shelves above the bath to open the space and hang a picture instead.

    4. Install a bamboo blind instead of the curtain

    5. Paint the sea salt color to compliment the tan of all that tile!

    6. You could also change out the faucet fixture for very cheap if you want. (I can't really see it in this photo) We got some great ones at a good price at Overstock.com

    7. Fill the empty inset shelves next to the mirror with small wicker baskets to house some small toiletries for guests.

    Good Luck and can't wait to see what you do!

  3. I would definitely say new window treatments of some sort. Either nice blinds or bamboo blinds, just make sure you can't see through them ;-) Bamboo blinds can tend to be thin... Also, depending on what color you add, I think some coral would look really pretty! and definitely wicker baskets. and I agree with the feedback up top, if you leave the counter as is, you can add a realy pretty stool there.

  4. I really like what Your Southern Peach said, but I would think about some plantation shutters for the bottom half of the window. That way you can't see in, but the top still lets natural light in (always a plus). Also, leave the bottom shelf on the wall and take off the top two, then hang something about that one shelf. And have fun with the vanity. It doesn't have to be white it can be a fun color or a gray (you know that, though). I did a post on bathrooms a little while back


  5. I would install a new counter top- just get a little stool or hamper to stick in that inset area. Paint the cabinets white to lighten things up and get some new hardware. Check ebay- there is a knob store that is SUPER cheap- we got pulls for our kitchen there.

    I'd go with the light blue color you like or a cream, like you said. I think the cream would look better with the tile color, but it just depends which you like more. I agree that you should remove the glass shelves above the tub and swap them out for a picture.

    Stick some baskets in the inset shelving next to the mirror for additional storage. Get a new mirror and hang roman shades in the window- preferably bamboo ones to match the baskets you get for the shelves. Use white towels and such for the spa feel. Those are my ideas! Good luck!

  6. I'd paint the walls a shade of beige so that the tiles blend better. If you do a contrasting color they'll just pop out more. I'd stick with bright crisp white linens and accessories. If you don't have any- spraypaint!!! And maybe a woven seagrass chair from the PB outlet- the one in Dawsonville always has them for like $90. That way the little cutout in the counter has a purpose.

  7. I like the idea of an upholstered stool for the moon-shape, not much you can do about the mirror, to be honest I dont think it's that bad but It wouldnt be hard to rip it out and find a salvage mirror that you could paint. Good Luck! Oh and as far as paint color...i would go with a neutral like yellow or or bisque or maybe even toasted marshmallow....like "toasty" by sherwin williams.

  8. some of my thoughts about the mirror are, you can either build your own (by the mirror glass and then create a frame around it. You could then paint or finish the frame in any color you want and replace the one big mirror with two medium sized mirrors.

    I love the sea salt you picked out, it's very calm and spa-like. Maybe having the mirror(s) be more of an antique white finish? If you wanted, you could even paint the drawers white and antique them too.

    Above the mirror(s), you could put lighting as well like some sconces. Good luck! Can't wait to see what you do with the space.

  9. Just circling around on this post and I second Jocelyn's suggestion on a pretty light fixture above the mirror!!! You might have to pay for an electrician though...I wouldn't trust my hubby on that :) xoxo

    I also love the Dawsonville PB outlet!

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