The Ladies Man

Check out this little charmer! My nanny sends me pictures of Keating throughout the day so that I can see him. This one had me laughing out loud. She went to get him up from his morning nap and this is how his shirt was. I love that he looks so casual, like "Check me out ladies!" My little Casanova!

I was hoping to get to spend lots of time outdoors this weekend, but it looks like the weather is going to be getting the best of us with a ton of rain. What a depressing forecast! I am hoping the weatherman is wrong. If he is, then we have lots on our agenda, including 3 photo sessions, a little furniture rehab, and having lunch with some of my oldest friends. Crossing my fingers for a sunny weekend!

What are your weekend plans? Hopefully a lot sunnier than ours!


  1. He is adorable. I love your blog! I have read it for a while!

  2. Oh I just love the little guys when they first wake up!!! So cute. I am very thankful for a quiet weekend coming up, with the exception of a T-Ball game. Good luck with the weather!

  3. Oh my goodness, what a cute picture!

  4. look at that face!! he's adorable! and yeah, none too excited about the rainy forecast this weekend!

  5. What a great picture!!

    I am praying that the weather man is wrong too & since we live in GA he probably is :)

  6. Haha, what a little stud! Love that picture :)


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