Blue's new do!

So my days as a hairstylist are officially over. {Future teenage Keating, you're welcome!} I had been randomly snipping Keating's hair when he was in the bath tub, and it was not yielding great results... to say the least. I really didn't realize how bad it looked until it was professionally cut. Poor guy looked like the shaggy dog.

In typical Blue fashion, the first haircut was a dramatic experience. It was sitting on Santa's lap all over again! When we first arrived we told the ladies that it would most likely be a fit of hysteria so they prepared him with candy and a cool toy story car/chair to sit in. He was not impressed with the chair, but he did like the blue dum dum {great color choice}.

What went from this...

Quickly turned to this, and worse. I had to put my camera down because he was trying to climb out of the chair. It took two women to cut his hair. One was buzzing and the other was snipping with the scissors while my mom and I were helping hold him in the chair.

He was pretty devastated, but in the end he was happy because we bought him baby M&M's as a prize! I still cant get used to how old he looks now! He isn't a little baby anymore, he is on the verge of being a boy and I'm not sure that I'm ready for that!


  1. Yep, my 15 month old son reacted the same way, he got his first haircut a few months ago. He was not a fan at all and cried and cried and cried. He's actually due for a haircut again but I'm putting it off as long as possible!

  2. He is so cute! My son was the same way for his first haircut. At least you were prepared for the meltdown. Our little guy is normally Mr. Personality so I thought he would do great...nope, not so much! I guess it's all part of the memories.

  3. Flynn LOVES to get his haircut, it probably helps that a girlfriend of mine does it...he seems more comfortable with someone he knows, and she usually cuts my hair too. He felt better seeing that mommy gets haircuts too.

  4. He is simply the cutest little boy!


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