Give Thanks!

$25 + shipping

Just wanted to let yall know, I have reopened my Etsy shop and I am selling/ taking orders for my new Give Thanks pillow. They are hand painted on cotton canvas. You can email me at mrssouthernbelle@gmail.com or go to my etsy site. http://www.etsy.com/listing/60811757/give-thanks-pillow



  1. Ohh, so cute!!

    I can't wait to hear more about the boob job! I've wanted one forever!! SO badly! I'm just trying to pay off some of my car or students loans first.

  2. Super cute! And I too want to hear all about the boob job- including the name of your doctor if you were happy with them!

  3. hand painted? i'm totally impressed - you rock!

  4. This is my first post on your site...but I read it all the time! LOVE your blog!

    I too am so interested to hear about the surgery. I have been looking into it in my area and would love to hear about it from someone who has experienced it.

    And LOVE the pillow! I think I may just have to order one. Perfect Thanksgiving decor!


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