Dear Gap... you are making me CRAZY

Dear Gap, You are making me a crazy "show mom." At first I felt a little silly entering Keating into your Casting Call contest. I pictured myself turning into one of the crazy moms from "Toddlers and Tiaras" forcing him to tap dance and spray tan... only kidding! But how could I resist with a $1,000 Gap credit!?

I decided to chance it because, I think my son is pretty cute... maybe I am biased but who wouldn't think this face is precious!?
I know thousands of other people think their child is the cutest kid on earth, and therefore are voting like crazy......What is disappointing, is that your site WILL. NOT. WORK.

If you are going to host a contest as large as the Gap Casting Call... you need to get your act together and fix the website. How are people expected to vote if the site wont even pull up!? You are driving crazy show moms like myself NUTS! Please FIX IT!

If anyone reading this can happen to get the site to work, vote for Keating!



  1. Umm he IS the cutest kid!! and I love the overalls!
    I just voted again... site worked best for me to go to the main page of the casting call and then enter his Reg. ID number. Voted twice now. Hope that he wins and you get that GAP gift card!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Haha I've been trying to enter my daughter and the site won't work for me! That $1000 credit lured me in!

  3. I totally entered my little girl - and asked everyone on facebook to vote for her. Ugh - I immediately felt like a stage mom! But she's adorable...and would be the perfect Gap model ;-)
    Of course no one can vote for her, b/c the website SUCKS!

  4. I got it to work and I voted. He is pretty darn cute!

  5. I voted! He really is a Gap baby!

  6. Okay.
    That is a cute picture!
    def a Gap Baby!
    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! :)

  7. Voted !!! Keating is really cute. FYI -- I'm Kristi's mom !!

  8. Keating is adorable! Love that picture of him!

  9. You are not biased.......he is adorable!!

  10. He is too cute!!

    BTW...I'm hosting my very first giveaway and it's toddler clothing! Come by!


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