This Thursday is quite out of the ordinary for me! I am starting off the day with a haircut! Thanks to all of your encouraging comments, I am taking the plunge and getting the Jessica Alba/ January Jones cut. Sometimes I get to the point when my hair feels a little claustrophobic and now is that time.... anyone else? No? I guess I'm the only weird one! I scored a 25% off appointment with my stylist so I don't have to cheat on her!

Tomorrow night my DVR is going to literally EXPLODE. I am recording so many shows that I will have to catch Grey's Anatomy online on Friday. Vampire Diaries, Project Runway, The Office, Private Practice and Grey's are all new episodes tomorrow. Why cant any of this goodness come on Wednesdays when nothing else is on!?

PS. If you don't watch Vampire Diaries, then what are you waiting for!? Here is your reason to get started ASAP! Dare I say that the vampires are hotter than Twilight? Okay, I admit it, the vampires are hotter than Edward Cullen in my opinion.

Also I am going to dinner with two of my best friends. We are going out for eggplant parmesan so that my friends little baby will quickly make his appearance! It also happens to be a full moon, hopefully that will help. If not we will force her to do thousands of jumping jacks and skip around the parking lot! Haha... only kidding, I'm not brave enough to make a very pregnant lady do anything...

Tomorrow also starts the kick off of the NORTH GEORGIA STATE FAIR! The fair is my FAVORITE event of the year! Corn dogs, funnel cakes, rootbeer floats, white trash people watching, flashing lights. What's not to love!? I'm super excited... just in case you cant tell!!
Well that is my little Thursday! What shows are you looking forward to tomorrow?


  1. Just a little DVR tip.. go up in channels till you get to the west coast versions of ABC, etc. Then you can record the shows when they come on at west coast time and record twice as much! Really helpful on Thursdays!

  2. Bones... Tht is what I will be watching. I am obsessed. and of course JM hates it... so I am banished to the bedroom! I cannot wait... and I might even start watching Vampire Diaries too! I have a sick obsession with Twilight and love all vampire shows, EVEN The Gates, which really is getting to be like a night time version of Passions but with vampires, warewolves, and witches. What could be better than that?

  3. I can't wait to watch The Office! Thursday nights are the only nights my husband and I agree on TV.

    The kids' asleep, wine in hand, and Michael Scott on TV is a lovely way to start the end of week wind down!

  4. You mentioned that nothing was on TV on Wed. I was a little skeptical on Cougar town, but after a couple of episodes I was hooked. It has such a sweet "my friends are my family" tone to it and of course it is hilarious. It comes on at 9:30 Wed nights. Maybe watch the 1st season online/Netflix to catch up and understand the dynamics of the group. Its really good! I will be watching Grey's and Private Practice tonight!


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