Foot in Mouth

The other day, I really embarrassed myself... really.

I randomly had the urge to go antiquing, something I haven't done in years. I loaded up Keating into his stroller and we are walking through this giant warehouse of antiques. I came across this horse toy and stood there looking at it... thinking "well that doesn't look like a safe toy!" When a man in a wheel chair came up behind me. Here is the conversation that followed. Man: "I used to have a horse toy just like that!"
Me: "Oh really? It doesnt look very safe!"
Man: "Oh it was safe, I loved that thing"

I laughed, smiled and kept walking

The man keeps following me, trying to make conversation... I'm busy looking at antiques

Man: "I used to have a toy corvette car like that too."
Me: "Oh I bet that was neat"
Man: "Yeah it was..."

Me: I start looking at a gorgeous dining room buffet and stop paying attention to the man while he is talking. I thought he was still talking about his Corvette toy.

I quickly respond with... "Oh that sounds like a lot of fun" ( I have no idea why I chose this phrase, but I thought he was talking about this toy still)

Man: "NO, breaking my neck in my corvette WASNT FUN!"
Me: "OH MY GOSH, I'M SO SORRY! I DIDNT HEAR YOU SAY THAT PART!" "I thought you were still talking about your toy car"
Man: "No, I said I got a real Corvette and that's how I broke my neck and ended up in this wheel chair"



I wanted to crawl under one of those dusty old tables and never come out.

Moral of the story, dont respond to someone when you have NO IDEA what they were talking about. It could be really bad!


  1. Sounds really embarrassing haha!

  2. OH No!! I agree, Sounds REALLY embarrassing! haha

  3. OMG! That is something I would do. Yikes. I bet you turned beet red and ran out of there.

  4. Sorry, I got a laugh at your expense. Seriously though, I'm the queen of foot in mouth.

  5. I am sure that leather tasted awful! I have done similar things. I hope you got out of there quickly!

  6. I really had no idea where your story was going! I would have wanted to quickly leave to laugh and be embarrassed. When my husband was a little boy, he told his dad's work friend that turkey makes his mom fart. Also not the most appropriate thing to say.

  7. Oh I would so do that too! Just remind yourself that you will likely never see him again and you did try to apologize!


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