I might be a hippie...

Y'all, I really may be becoming a crunchy granola chick... First the cloth diapers, then making my own baby food, now this....
This is an amber teething necklace. I shall explain.

The past two weeks have been hell, HELL I tell you! Keating has been up EVERY night EVERY hour. We have hit the teething milestone and it freaking sucks! The poor little guy just lays in his bed and moans. I feel so bad for him, but selfishly enough, I feel bad for myself too! He is constantly a huge grouch and we are all lacking on sleep around here. Even poor Lola is worn out!

We have been through an entire bottle of Tylenol this week... A WHOLE BOTTLE!

I have been talking about teething with a friend of mine, and she suggested a teething necklace. When I first heard about it, I thought it was something he was supposed to chew on, I also thought the sound of a baby wearing a necklace sounded dangerous and ridiculous! The necklace is made of baltic amber, which supposedly has natural pain relieving properties. If you google it, there is tons of info about it. It sounds insane, but I am willing to try anything at this point. The necklaces are also made baby safe.

Brad is going to think I have REALLY lost my mind, I'm also pretty sure he will have something to say about his son wearing a necklace... but if this allows us better days and good sleep then I will proudly be a gem loving, cloth diapering, baby food making hippie! Birkenstocks here I come! (no not really)


  1. My friend just won something like this at our last MOPS meeting...she loves it!! I actually think it is quite pretty too..oh I'm Tara by the way I'm your blog stalker. If you have google analytics I'm the one from Senoia. :) I know how much you love Southern Living (I do too) you should come check out the Southern Living Idea House here they have just or are getting ready to change the interior for Christmas. It is a gorgeous house even my 3 yr old girl loved it..everytime we pass by now she says she wants to live there. She knows how to dream big. :) Love your blog!!

  2. Hi there. I too am a blog stalker....My name is Christina, and I have a 15 month old little girl named Brooke.

    Just a few ideas for you:

    Have you tried Highlands teething tablets? They are AWESOME!
    Have you tried motrin? It seems to help more with teething than Tylenol.

    Good luck!

  3. Let us know if it works PLEASE. Knox's teething is rough- he's been at it since three months old and has yet to get a tooth. Hylands tablets do seem to help a little bit, if you haven't tried those.

  4. We have the hylands and they are great because he despises orajel! He had a weird effect to motrin and gets really irritable and restless. He gets weird reactions to things like I do.

  5. Hi there! I'm another one of your blog stalkers! Def update if these work. My little guy is just starting the teething process, and it's already bad. I'm dreading what's to come - because I hate to keep feeding him meds.

  6. My little guy had a horrible time teething as well (he is 4 now). My 6 month old daughter seems somewhat better, but time will tell... I would check with your pediatrician about a tylenol/motrin combo. I did it and it worked wonders for my guy. I hated giving him all the medicine but it helped him a lot and it is the only medicine he has ever taken.

  7. Hey, if it works, why not!! Hopefully he feels better soon, poor little guy. He's such a cutie!


  8. How has this worked? Im a 41 year young, looking at having a baby soon...I will keep this in mind...:)

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