A Hand Full

I haven't been posting much lately because I have a big handful!

Can you believe that this little angel is high maintenance??BELIEVE IT!!!! (Blurry pic because he was moving too much!) This is his mad face, he gets this a. lot.

I always said I would never be one of those parents that feeds their kid to keep them quiet or puts them in front of the tv to entertain them... Well, I have become one of those parents!
Speaking of handfuls, A few graham crackers can work magic! They give me almost 5 minutes to get something done!

Keating can sit up all by himself now! It has been great because he is starting to entertain himself a little... Notice I emphasize little.
Dont worry he isnt lonely or neglected, he always has company! The dogs make great baby sitters!
Sometimes while he plays with the dogs, I can complete an entire task, like baking WW muffins and decorating for fall!

How cute is my little monster in his game day outfit!? We were sad that the Bulldogs lost to South Carolina!

He loves swinging, he would do it all day if he could!

This post is probably pretty random but besides trying to keep this kid entertained, I haven't been doing much! Brad has been working A TON, that is why he isn't in any of these photos.

And my blogging time is up... Keating is up from his nap!


  1. Oh he is just yummy!!!!! And thank goodness for dogs! Mine is left in charge a lot lol!
    Baby Einstien is a lifesaver - I used to be able to put my son in his highchair, put a bowl of snacks in front of him, pop a BE dvd on and run and take a quick shower! These days he wants Wonderpets alllll the time.

    LOL My word verification is 'multismo' !

  2. I think our boys are a lot alike. Barrett's a little older (11 months) but has always been a handful and demands a lot of attention! I'm always happy to hear I'm not alone!

  3. This is a tough stage, they need SO MUCH attention! Then comes the clingy stage *shutter*, but they are always cute so it makes up for it...kinda :) Mine is 17 months and I use Sesame Street wayyyyy more than I should so I can get stuff done!

  4. Just saw your tweet about January Jones- Don't cut your hair! I was just thinking it looks GORGE in these photos!!!

  5. I think boys are just more needy...Cooper is for sure (and he's only 7 weeks)!! He's precious too!! I'm sure you hear it just as much as I do, but I can't get over how much he looks like his daddy!

  6. Let's see the new 'do! I love the pics of you and your little man - your boots are way too cute!


  7. I can't believe how big he has gotten since I last saw him! And what WW muffins are those? They look delish.


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