Bargain Shopping!

I have always been a bargain shopper... it is in my DNA. I hate paying full price for anything. When we moved out of our house, and into my parents basement, we decided that all of our income was going into savings for our next home. BUT, Without many bills to pay, it is hard to not splurge on pretty new fall clothes.

I made a commitment to not buy anything full price. I've been tempted daily by my shopping related emails and new clothes arriving in stores. It's so hard seeing models wearing slouchy sweaters and knee high boots and not want to buy them! I am a total sucker for good advertising and they get me every time... so I must stay strong!

I started following a blog called My Year Without Labels. The writer has completely put away all of her designer items and has been replacing them with new Walmart purchases. She is only on day 19, but I am already impressed by the outfits she has put together from Walmart! This approach is a little drastic for me, because I feel like the clothes I already own would be going to waste, especially many of my favorite items. But I was inspired by her to check out Walmart.com to see what they had to offer.

I have occasionally picked up the basics at Walmart. A tank top here, a little sundress there... but I have never actually gone there intending to buy a complete outfit. Here is what I found in my online perusing.

I was kind of impressed! These items were all under $25 dollars!

This little sheath dress would be PERFECT for UGA tailgating!
Cute cable knit hoodie

I love slouchy sweater dresses with leggings
For the pregnant ladies, I wish I saw this when I was pregnant! Its so hard to find a great maternity dress.

Another cute red and black outfit! Georgia has great school colors, no??Fabulous alligator rain boots! Who doesn't want to look stylish in the rain... IF IT EVER RAINS HERE AGAIN!
Reviews said this pea coat is lightweight, so better for fall. How cute!

Walmart.com had some impressive things. Things that I would never imagine came from Wolly World! I may have to go to a store and see if I can find any of these things there.

And while I'm on topic of bargain shopping. Target.com has FABULOUS things right now! Their website has gotten fancy and wont let me copy photos anymore. Boo! But be sure to check it out!

Many of you know of my love for the Mossimo Ultrasoft sweater. I have an extensive collection and look forward to their arrival every year. This year, they have made them longer and with a cowl neck! Right now they are only available on the website, but here are a few google images I found of them! I can hardly wait!

Have you found any great bargain shopping spots, or good deals!? If so PLEASE share! I love a good bargain!


  1. I love bargain shopping too. I am short, so I have to have petite or short paints, I love, love, love JcPenney and I can always find cute stuff for work on the bargain racks, usually somewhere between 60-80% off. I've found some cute shirts for $5 bucks on the clearance racks. I love the dress, that's adorable!!!

  2. Hey girl! This is not on topic but I was wondering if you could recommend a good OB in Atlanta. We just moved up here and I need to find someone. If you want you can email me at michelle.maddox@live.com. Thanks!!!

  3. I have the BEST pair of leggings from Walmart! I like them even better than the ones I have from Nordstrom.

  4. oh my gosh, the cowl necks are even cuter seeing the picture!!! i love love LOVE!! also, check out k-mart (and yes, i can't believe i'm saying it), but they had some really cute things lately!!

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