If you knew me...

You would know....
  • I was born into a really loud Cajun family, seriously... VERY LOUD! My son has also inherited this trait!
  • My favorite movies growing up were The Goonies, Troop Beverly Hills, Lucas, and Grease. My sister and I watched these movies OVER AND OVER AND OVER. If you haven't ever seen or heard of Troop Beverly Hills or Lucas, then I highly recommend them! Ironically these are all really inappropriate movies for a little kid... what were you thinking mom!?
  • I am oddly obsessed with composition notebooks. I think I have mentioned this before... but seriously, oddly obsessed. Something about the black and white spotted covers just calls my name! I always feel the need to buy them! I think I may start jotting down our family happenings so that we have record, and I have reason to use them!
  • I think a perfect night, is one spent in the backyard with good friends, enjoying a glass of wine and making smores in the fire.
  • My idea of camping or roughing it is a Holiday Inn. Not that I haven't ever camped or won't camp, but sleeping in a tent on the cold hard ground is just not fun to me.
  • You know how they say a girl turns into her mom, well I am on my way and I think that's fabulous! Except, that I inherited her knack for being clumsy. Walking into things, stubbing my toe, and always hitting my funny bone... all payback for years of making fun of her injuries, I suppose!
  • I have a horrible memory.
  • I am great at spelling. Brad calls me numerous times a day to ask how to spell something, he has yet to stump me! Ironically, I never won a spelling bee.
  • High school fun fact. I was a member of the ping pong club {yes my school had a ping pong club}...... there may have been a boy I had a crush on that influenced this random extra curricular activity.... just maybe. My other (real) activities included cheerleading and student council.
  • I have a fine arts degree in photography and printmaking. Now if I could just figure out what to do with it!
  • I CONSTANTLY have ideas of things I want to craft, decorate, sew, paint, sketch, knit etc. My mind goes a million miles a minute and I have tons of half done craft projects. It drives Brad crazy! In our next house I will hopefully have my own room for my creative whims!

I have plenty more, but I cant divulge all of my secrets!


  1. Somehow I didn't know you were in the ping pong club. Or that we even had a ping pong club haha

  2. I somehow vaguely remember this ping ping club!! Haha that is so funny! I think I remember some other people being in it too!

  3. I'm with Becca - I had no idea either!

  4. Seriously... we could be sisters. I resonate with so much of that. Especially the loud Cajun family. :)

  5. um, i wonder if "My idea of camping or roughing it is a Holiday Inn. Not that I haven't ever camped or won't camp, but sleeping in a tent on the cold hard ground is just not fun to me." has to do with troop beverly hills!!! i LOVE that movie too...and shelley long has the right idea about camping =)

  6. You forgot Adventures In Babysitting! Y'all rented that a thousand times! And it was totally inappropriate too! What was I thinking? I guess it was ok, y'all turned out just fine!

    And the whole running into things, that is why I am sporting the air cast boot right now!

  7. Loved reading this. I love reading 'getting to know you' posts! And I agree about the composition books and 'roughing it'-- I'm right there with you!

    I'm your newest follower by the way! Quickly trying to catch up on your older posts :)


  8. We have so much in common- especially the half-done projects! I wish I could slow down my brain sometimes. And blogging makes it so much worse because there are so many great ideas out there!

    And LOL at the ping pong club.

  9. I loved Troop Beverly Hills! Still one of my all time favorite movies! I also did not know we had a ping pong club in high school, haha.


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