Yay or Nay?

My mom told me today that she didnt like my new blog design. You can always count on your mom for being honest!

So what do yall think? I know the gray was a little depressing. I have quite the obsession with gray lately, and monotones just didnt transfer well into blog form. It is a good thing we arent moving yet, because I'm pretty sure I would paint the whole house gray!

For a little weekend recap, this weekend was a bit more relaxing than last weekend. We weren't moving so that helped! Still trying to rent our house... praying for a perfect match this week! We would appreciate your prayers to get that sucker filled before August!

Although we squeezed in a few lazy afternoon naps, Keating was not a happy camper this weekend so there was lots of SCREAMING at our house. I am pretty sure its a huge growth spurt because we had to raise his jumper a whole setting because he could almost touch his knees to the ground... in ONE WEEK! Poor little man.

The highlight of his weekend was seeing his girlfriend Gianna at her 1st birthday party! He was eyeing all of the food and beverages and wishing he could partake! In other news, he has been LOVING real food. We have made him bananas, squash, carrots, and peaches. He is a Georgia
Peach at heart because those are his favorite! MMMMmmmm!!

Sorry for the iphone photo, but this was too cute not to post! Okay, maybe everyone doesnt think carrot face is cute, but I sure do!!

... yes he eats like a white trash baby in only a diaper. I've learned the hard way that its just much easier that way!


  1. that face is PRECIOUS!!! and i am on a grey kick like you wouldn't believe...but i LOVE the red too =)

  2. Carrot face is ADORABLE! Love it! As for the blog, I liked the old version better.. but this one isn't bad, it's just that I like the other one better.

  3. I read your blog in google reader...so I never see your blog design. I don't remember what it looked like before to see if I like the change?

  4. LOVE the picture! Gosh, he is cute! I also liked the last blog more, but this one is pretty cute too!

  5. Keating is so cute!
    and I actually really liked it when the banner was yellow. Yellow and Gray is always a good combo, so you could get the gray in that way. Maybe making gray the background color?

    I can't wait to start solids. When did you start feeding solids to Keating?

  6. I haven't ever posted on your blog before, but I love following you!

    Your son is adorable!

    I too am into neutrals/monotones. Have had the itch lately to repaint all the rooms in my house!

    Mrs. O

  7. I love the new blog! I am on a big neutrals lately and every room will be some shade of tan soon!
    Keating is so cute... carrots and all!!! See you this weekend!

  8. My kitchen is gray and it can be very warm depending on your accent colors! I have sort of a muted teal as an accent color in mine. I like yellow too. I love the carrot pic, it's adorable!

  9. Looks good to me! I need a blog re-do BIG style!

  10. Thanks for the opinions! I went back to the yellow! Logan, we started Keating on solids at 5 months. He is loving some real food!

  11. Just another opinion--- having the text centered across such a huge space is really difficult to read! But I love your blog and Keating is adorable so we'll keep reading!


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