5 Months!

I am really late on posting Keating's 5 month pics. It is crazy how fast he is growing and how much he is learning every day! His funny personality is really coming out. So is his constant need to be doing anything but sitting. He gets that from his dad! Brad is major ADD, even though he wont admit it! He always has to be moving or outside piddling with something. Keating is definitely his father's child.

Dont let this angel face fool you, he is quickly learning how to throw a fit if something isnt EXACTLY how he wants it. I am going to have my hands full!

Lola was really not wanting to cooperate for this photo!

I kind of think he is starting to look more like me too, even though Brad still calls him his "mini me"
5 Month Stats
  • Started eating solid food- he has eaten cereal, bananas, squash, carrots, and peaches
  • he can almost sit up by himself, he is still a little wobbly
  • he is starting to scoot, but not crawling
  • he has a double chin and a big buddah belly!
  • tries to hold his own bottle
  • likes playing with things he isnt supposed to such as remotes and iphones
  • has out grown his swing
  • his best buddy is his new roommate my parents yellow lab John!


  1. Aww happy 5 months! My daughter is right behind him. She'll be 5 months on August 8th. I LOVE that last picture of him with the lab. So cute! It looks like it should be on a card or something :)

  2. ok, your baby is so cute I just want to pinch his little cheeks! It doesn't help that I have baby fever either. I seriously cannot believe he's 5 months. They really do grow up in an instant!

  3. seriously, he makes me want a boy!! just so dang cute =)

  4. LOVING that last picture!!! It belongs in some sort of contest! He is darling :)

  5. He is so precious! All the pics are absolutely adorable!!

  6. Great photos! I especially love the last one! He's so cute, starting to look less "baby" and more "toddler" already!!! Crazy!

  7. Love the b&w photo with Keating and the lab dog!
    Mrs. O

  8. I still can't believe how big he is compared to last time I saw him before G's b-day party like 3-4 weeks ago! He is still cute as ever & I'm sooooo going to miss you both :(


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