Relapse... time to ferberize.

Gone are the days of peaceful sleep in our house. Keating has decided that he doesnt want to sleep through the night anymore. After the 4 month wakeful period and now starting to get teeth... night time is NOT FUN in our house. We are at the end of our ropes.
I have tried everything to help him self soothe. NOTHING WORKS! He wants me in there with him, and sometimes that isnt even enough. We have tried crying it out... this kid could make crying a sport. He will scream forever, or what seems like forever.
Tonight, we ferberize!
I am going to sleep in our guest room, not because the Mr. and I are starting to act like 70 year olds, but because I am nice and will let him sleep through the madness. Also he hates hearing him cry and wants to rush right in. Such a softie!
Any magical suggestions on getting a baby to sleep!?


  1. have you tried Hyland's teething tablets...sleep wise, I always rocked my babe , or the mommy sway I call it, try pumping his little legs into his tummy to relieve in gas he might have, i even used the lavender pillow mist from Bath and body works and that seemed to help....

  2. i'm not sure about sleeping time, but to soothe my daughter when she was teething i used to wet & freeze one of her washcloths, and let her chew on it. it helped a lot.

  3. Oh no! Poor you!!! I remember those days. Honestly, we did the CIO method & it seemed to work after a week or two. We would just let her cry for 15 mins. If she was still crying I went in there & checked to make sure there was no dirty diaper or anything like that. Then we let her cry for another 15 mins & so on. I know it's not for everybody, but now she is a great sleeper... I hope you find something that works!

    And you need to call me when you can. We are 98% sure that we're moving to Nashville :( We need to get together before that, woman!!! Juliette & I are walking wednesday & Friday if either of those days work for you...

  4. Do you have a bedtime routine, it REALLY helps if you can do the same thing at bedtime. Or if you have a certain item that he can take with him to bed...Flynn has a silky blanket that he sleeps with, it was a soothing thing for him when he was teething ( he would bite it) and now he knows when mommy or daddy has his silky it's bedtime or naptime. Just be sure to only give it to him at bed. I didnt want Flynn being the kid that carries the blanky around all day!

  5. YES, the teething tablets help us! Kinda knocks her out ;) I have been using that to "drug" her!


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