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Has anyone tried these? I think they would be perfect for lazy summer hair. I'm going to track them down today and try them out!

Am I the only one that wants to see the Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud? Anybody? Anybody? Bueler? Mrs. Foreste?? =)

Maybe its just me, or maybe I have a school girl crush on Zac Efron (not maybe, most definitely)... Either way, he makes a seemingly somewhat depressing movie, look good. Look REALLY good!
Speaking of looking good... anyone else ready for a little Eclipse action? I know I am!
I'm also ready to be hanging out on the beach! This week I will be trying to get our family packed and ready to head out. It takes a LOT of work to pack for myself and a baby. I think some women are just able to do this naturally... I am lucky to remember my own tooth brush much less everything that Keating needs! Hence why I am packing early! Plus, when your baby is getting food other than a boob, it requires way more planning. Hats off to you formula mamas, there is so much prep work and cleaning that is involved with formula.
For a little weekend recap... Friday we had a little cook out with my parents. Saturday we went out to the Virginia Highlands for a festival. It was SO hot! Sunday we went up to the mountains to look at a prospective wedding location for my sister. (I think we may have a winner) Keating ate lots, and cried very little! It was so nice and peaceful having a laughing happy baby! He also hit 16 weeks on Saturday! Where has time gone!? He is getting so big!

Thanks for all of your nice comments! I'm glad that no one told me I was stupid! I guess that's the learning curve with a new baby? I should have listened to my initial instinct when he was a month old, instead of letting his Dr. talk me out of my opinions.

What does everyone else have on tap this week?


  1. I have tried the spin pins and I love them... You can see my post about them here


    I would say give them a try!

  2. I have these pins and they are awesome! Paula got them for me somewhere near you... I will ask her and get back to you, but they are pretty great!
    and I am totally ready for Eclipse! Going to reread that and the new one that just came out on Stephanie Myers Blog at noon today!!! She said to read this one before you see the new movie...

  3. let me know how the hair thingies work--i'm hair challenged and usually don't have much luck with clips. . .
    can't wait for eclipse
    you think packing now is hard--wait until you have to take toys to keep them occupied while you are not on the beach. . .you know--the packing doesn't get easier and i've never met anyone who is a natural. i always remind myself that if I forget something there are grocery stores at the beach. oh--i usually just take enough diapers to get me through the trip and first day and then grab a small pack there-less bulk (everybody makes a grocery run the first day, right??)

  4. I feel like I am the only one that wants to see the Charlie St. Cloud movie. It looks really good, and it has the gorgeous Zac Efron. And you don't even want me to get started on Eclipse! I cannot wait. Taylor Lautner. Robert Pattinson. That new kid who plays Riley. Its going to be heated! Great Blog!


  5. Thos hair things look great -- I might see if I can find some tonight at the store!

  6. TARGET!!!!!!!!!! I got mine there. LOVE THEM. Wearing one right now. I still need two more pins on top of the spinny one, but they are great for summer. :)

  7. i see a commercial for those bobby pins every day and im this close to buying them, ha!

    i'm with you on the Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud, i totally want to see it!

  8. Ohh...I hope you give a picture of the pins and review with it! I want to try it but Im not good with my hair so hopefully it is easy to use! xo

  9. Yes please let's see it! I love Zac. And while we're at it we should see Eclipse too. I talked Nick into seeing New Moon, but I'm not sure if he'll go for 2 Twilight movies in 1 year haha


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