Being from Louisiana, I thought it only appropriate to post about the Gulf Coast Oil Disaster. This horrible tragedy has been going on for over a month and there is still no end in sight. When is it going to be enough for our government to step in?? After leaking 4 million gallons per day for the last 37 days we have 148 MILLION GALLONS of oil floating in the ocean.... and still counting.

It is destroying ecosystems, killing wildlife, coating the coastlines, and hurting the lives of many people who's careers and income center around the Gulf. In early May, the Louisiana seafood industry had already taken a $2.4 Billion dollar hit. The same people who are still trying to recover their businesses after hurricane Katrina. Speaking of hurricanes, I dont even want to imagine what would happen if a hurricane were to pop up right now.

After numerous failed attempts at patching the hole deep beneath the oceans surface, BP has another plan in action today. The "Top Kill" plan is the newest on the agenda which involves pouring concrete into the hole. If the plan works then it can slow the massive leak, if not then it could make a larger disaster. If this doesnt solve the problem, then there are talks of the government finally stepping in.

Why is BP just now trying this? Well, basically it is a last ditch effort. It has never even been attempted at this depth before and it is extremely risky! Very reassuring. I find it impossible to believe, that in a technologically advanced society that can actually WATCH the oil pouring out, that we cant do anything to stop it.

As you sit at home watching live feed of gushing oil, and you feel completely helpless... there is one thing that you can do! You can write your Senators and Congressmen to encourage them to demand immediate action. Shame on our administration and president Obama for taking the back seat on such a MASSIVE disaster. Email your leaders to get a "CHANGE" on the Gulf Coast.

To contact your local Senator visit http://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm

and to get in touch with your congressman go here https://writerep.house.gov/writerep/welcome.shtml

Lets do our part and get this taken care of!

*Sorry for the emphasis and caps, but at this point, enough is enough!


  1. What a terrible picture...this whole story just breaks my heart. I wish they would figure out a way to hurry up and fix it soon!!

  2. This whole situation just makes me sick! You're right, shame on our government for sitting back and and not stepping in. Thanks for posting this for everyone to see and read!

  3. I know this whole situation makes me feel hopeless! :(

  4. This just breaks my heart to see pictures like this. People depend on the Gulf for the livelyhood and our piece of sh*t president isn't doing anything about it! ugh.. ::vent over::

  5. I can't agree more. It makes me sick every time I turn on the tv and just see more and more oil pumping into the gulf. I think your emphasis and caps are totally appropriate!

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  7. I know how you feel! I live in Alabama, and for the 21 years I have been alive EVERY summer, including the ones I cannot remember, my family and I have traveled to Gulf Shores once a summer if not twice.

    It is rediculous that they're just taking their sweet time. They have millions of dollars to jet set and travel and eat lunch with whoever or whereever they please, but we just can't seem to get a timely fix? and of ALL things that could be done they're settling with something that could even possibly make it worse? Seems like to me they should have tried something everyday since this happened and not make a lousy attempt every few weeks. I guess the coast isn't important enough or a big enough priority? We're just a bunch of dumb southern rednecks who can be pushed aside. Several people have come up with WONDERFUL ideas, but noone has bothered to use them...because it wasn't bp's idea. It makes me really freaking glad I am a republican and didn not vote for that man.

    If this was anywhere else, or any other ecosystem or landmark that was being harmed, you know it'd be fixed in a heartbeat. If only they understood what this means to so many people and how bad it truly and deeply hurts us. For people like you and I the coast isn't just a place that exists as a vacation. It's a second home, a piece of our heart, and a place that no value could ever be put on. These poor helpless animals that did nothing to deserve this and the poor people who are loosing everything because their lives depend on a fishing business. God Bless them all.

    If you're interested here is a group we started on fb.

  8. Thank you so much for posting about this. I feel like the country hasn't put enough stress into the fact that we are ruining lives and killing nature.
    I wrote to both my congressman and my local senator and I actually plan to do so everyday.
    Thanks again!

  9. It looks like all our prayers were answered! They are saying that it worked! I pray it holds! And now for all the clean up! What a nightmare. All my favorite foods come from there, what will we do?


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