Rewind: May

Where did May go?? It seriously FLEW by!
It has been brought to my attention that I havent posted many photos of Keating lately. My appologies! I really have no good excuse except for the fact that I suck at multi tasking! Here is the month of May from Blue's point of view.

Looking really cute in my bumbo. This is what I call the calm before the storm. He can be so happy and serene, then he will just lose it. That is what happened right after this photo was taken.

My first trip to the beach. I liked the naps, but not the water.
We took him to Destin for a few days after my sister graduated from college (GO DAWGS!) Keating wasnt such a fan of the pool, it was way too cold. He looks pretty cute in his gold fish swim trunks though!

Not too crazy about my hat. I also have my first farmers tan from wearing that onesie. Oops!
It is hard to go to the beach and keep a baby out of the sun!

He did take a few great naps out on the beach though. The sound of the waves knocked him out!

Playing with my buddy Gates. He is showing me what kind of trouble I can get into when I'm bigger!
Its amazing the difference in 5 months of age in babies.

Aww what a happy baby! Too bad he isnt always like this!

We will show these to their girlfriends when they're older!

Hanging out with Daddy!

May really wore Keating out!
(Brad doesnt always wear BRIGHT YELLOW shirts like that, just on Sundays when he helps direct traffic at our church!) Brad also woke up right before I took the pic, hence the half smile when I made him pretend to be back asleep.

**Yes, the Tervis has made it into yet ANOTHER photo!

A few updates... We are still trying to figure out the reflux. The Previcid seems to be really working. He is in a much better mood a majority of the time now. We even brought him to lunch yesterday and a woman at the restaurant said "what a happy baby you have!" That made my day... but she should witness his meltdowns at home!
Cloth Diapers: We now have 9 diapers. We are in limbo between cloth and disposable. We were given a lot of diapers (Thank you Mrs.Foreste), that I still want to use. So I am slowly purchasing more cloth. We are using Rumparooz, Bum Essentials, and we have one Bum Genius. I like them all for different reasons but Ill go into that later. I really love how cute his tiny butt looks in them!


  1. Keating is adorable! Good luck with the cloth diapers. I can't wait to be able to use the ones that I have.

  2. Great photos! Looks like he's a much happier kiddo. :)

  3. HI~ I am a new follower and love your blog! Your little guy is too cute! I have a little girl who is almost 6mo (5mo adjusted, she was born 5wks early) and we have been going through the reflux struggle too! Axid is what she is on and seems to be working for us! She is also on special formula...its been a looong road so i feel your pain! Hope he continues to do well!

  4. What a cutie! It looks like he had a great May! :)

  5. He is a beautiful little boy & I hope that his reflux gets better & better as time goes by!!

  6. aw! he is way too cute!!!
    i hope the reflux gets better and goes away soon, he looks like such a happy baby in all the pictures.

    p.s. new follower :)

  7. i swear, he just keeps getting cuter!!! i love him!

  8. my gosh your baby is cute! can i borrow him? :)

  9. Love the pics, he's super adorable! Beautiful eyes and a sweet smile :) I too had a 'melt-down at any given moment' baby, but things do get better and they grow out that and in to 'temper tantrums at any given moment' so you have much to look forward to!!

  10. OMG he seriously is such a good looking baby boy! I hope Keating & Gianna are boyfriend & girlfriend haha :)

  11. He is adorable!!! I love that you have a Boston, we love those. That will be our next dog, someday.

  12. HI I'm a new follower. I stumbled across your blog just moments ago (bored at work- ahem...) and I can't wait to read more about your take on cloth diapers. I'm 6 months pregs and am going to cloth diaper too (part time probably because husband is quite apprehensive about the whole thing)! I've registered for the a few bumgenius ones and gerber diaper service cloth diapers. I've never changed one in my life, but my siblings and I were all clothers so its got to be in my genes somewhere, right?! Anyways, sorry for the long comment just wanted to say hi and your blog is really cute.


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