Mystery Mothers Day Flowers!

On Friday this beautiful basket of flowers was left on my front porch.

The card read...

Now as precious as this little man is, he cannot yet use the phone or internet on his own... much less talk to order flowers for his mama.

No one is owning up on "helping" Blue order these flowers. I have no idea what florist they even came from to call and investigate. They sure did make my day though!

On Sunday my boys surprised me with new perfume. It smells wonderful! The perfect summer scent!


  1. So so sweet, and definitely a mystery. Hopefully someone will reveal themselves soon. :) I would be dying to know too.

  2. maybe between keating and lola, they figured out how the whole internet thing...they seem pretty smart!

    and i gotta check out this burberry summer...i have burberry weekend, but i'm always up for another perfume =)

  3. So sweet! What a wonderful Mother's Day surprise!

  4. That is so sweet & he looks so handsome sitting like a big boy in his bumbo!!

  5. you need to post this picture on facebook! he looks so big in his seat!

  6. I got some mystery flowers too! With the little card and everything.

    I loooove that Burberry perfume by the way.

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