Whatever works...

So, I have come to the conclusion that being a mom is all about improvising and learning as you go. No matter how many books you read, or how much unsolicited advice you have to smile and nod through, you just have to jump in head first.
Being a mom is trial and error at its finest.
After Keating despised his first bath, I decided I would put him in the tub with me. Round one went swimmingly. He didnt cry one bit. He was very relaxed and enjoyed it! Yay!
This morning I decided to try it again.... I got him nice and clean and smelling like Johnson's baby wash (as all babies should). and then, he pooped on me! EWWW! Epic fail.
We have also been catching up on sleep in our house because the little man decided to pull an all nighter a few nights ago. With a combination of something I ate not agreeing with his little belly and our lamb chair running out of batteries, it was one hellacious night.
Thankfully, C batteries are easy to come by and we were back in business last night. This chair is seriously a life saver since he refuses to sleep in his cradle and crib!
A friend also told me about this little miracle worker. There is a lot of hype online about this little seahorse and its magical abilities to make fussy babies comatose. Short of someone inventing baby ambien, for 13.99 I figured it was worth a try.
Let me tell ya, it truly is God sent! It glows and plays little lullabies and makes ocean sounds. I have no idea why, but Keating loves it. Heck, who cares why he loves it, as long as it works! By the first verse of "rock a by baby" he was fighting his eyelids. Score!

So there ya have it! Parenting at its finest and none of which I learned from a book!
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  1. I totally agree! Motherhood is 99% instinctual!

  2. hhaha EW he pooped ON you? yuck!

  3. you need to change your header and your profile info! you have a baby now!

  4. haha I love this post because hello truth :-) my motto was always "whatever works"!

  5. ok so I realized AFTER I wrote my comment that was the title of your post - I'm lame sorry :-)

  6. Whatta a cutie! After being a momma for 10 years and not knowing what I am doing most of the time..you are exactly right! Hope your having a great day! xoxo

  7. I'm taking notes here...

    so whatever works, huh?!

    Good job Mom :)


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