Maybe too much honesty???

Sorry I havent been around lately. We are settling in and adjusting to life as a family. I always thought that once I was at home, that I would get a lot accomplished... Umm not so much! My house is a disaster! Our Sunday school class has been bringing us dinners (THANKFULLY), that we are really enjoying. I even got a plate (6) of chocolate muffins... which I ate by my lonesome since Brad hates chocolate (weirdo). =) So much for losing that baby weight! haha!

Keating has grown so much in the past two weeks! The other night he ate for 3 hours from 6 o'clock to 9 o'clock... then woke up and had two 1 hour feedings during the night. I was freaking exhausted! It paid off because the tiny Ralph Lauren outfit that swallowed him in the hospital now fits him. He is getting little cheeks and a tiny belly! My boobs about fell off after that much nursing. I may have given up on breast feeding if I hadnt found nipple shields. Seriously, a LIFE SAVER... or should I say nipple saver?

Yall child birth has made me so much less modest! I never would have discussed nipples on my blog before... much less not think twice about yanking my boob out in public to feed my kid. (using the hooter hider of course! Im not that comfortable!)

Yesterday, he had his first bath. He hated it as much as he hates being naked. We need to work on naked time. I keep trying to tell him that naked time is fun! He just doesnt get it yet!

That is the extent of my exciting past few days. Im off to introduce Keating to trash tv... AKA The Bachelor!


  1. haha i love you . . . I remember telling Adam that breastfeeding was the hardest thing I've ever done - and so so exhausting too!! praying for you! Let me know when those meals run out and I'll bring you one (and by that I mean, I'll make Adam make something for you haha) :-)

  2. haha i love the honesty! its scary and exciting since im not even married, nor considering having a baby in at least 5+ years. btw, what is a nipple shield??

  3. I didn't know that about the pineapple. It looks like a boob, so it makes sense. It's the "red light" of the 1800s! I don't mind your honesty. It's your blog, so write what you want. I will love you no matter what you write.

  4. I enjoy the honesty! Glad you guys are doing well!

  5. hahaha; my hubbs doesn't eat chocolate either & I think there is really something wrong with him!!

  6. Ditto with the nipple shields. I was nursing my second child and I honestly think my nipple was going to come straight off. Then my wonderful husband came home with his little discovery of the shields and it was like heaven! Congrats on sticking it through, making a bottle in the middle of the night and trying to get your baby to take it is so difficult when you are exhausted! Tracie


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